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German WWII
Stielhandgranate 24
+ Geb. Ladung

Kit #: JKT72051 Preview by Rob Haelterman

After having released many ammo and upgrade sets, JK Resin has now expanded their range of individual weapons with a set of iconic German stick grenades, which were hitherto only available in numbers in the figure sets from Preiser (and which are increasingly hard to get).

This set contains

  • 56 Stielhandgranate 24 with the normal length shaft;
  • 6 Stielhandgranate 24 with a short shaft;
  • 36 individual explosive charges, to be wrapped around, in groups of 6, around the explosive charge of an ordinary Stielhandgranate, to make a so-called Geballte Ladung (i.e. bundled charge).
  • A strand of thin copper wire to wrap around the Geballte Ladung

I have been unable to identify the model with the short shaft. It looks like the WWI model.
Assembling the Geballte Ladung might be a challenge, at first sight due to the fineness of the parts.

The parts are very delicately cast with very fine detail. Surprisingly for JK Resin, one grenade shaft was short shot, but apart from that, casting quality is perfect..

The Model 24 Stielhandgranate was stored in specially designed crates during transport, which could carry up to 15 individual grenades [1]. This is the subject of the sister set 72049.

Measuring the parts, we find this:

  • The length of the grenades with the long shaft is 4.97mm, which corresponds to 358mm. The real grenade was 365mm.
  • The diameter is 0.72mm, which corresponds to 52mm. The real grenade was 70mm.


I have come to expect only the best from JK Resin, and, again, I am not disappointed. Hopefully the company doesn't run out of inspiration any time soon.

(Readers who doubt my objectiveness, because this was a free review set, are free to prove me wrong about the quality of the set.)




[1] Wikipedia



Review sample kindly provided by JK Resin.


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06 October 2019

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