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German WWII Transportgestell TG1 with SC500 bombs

Kit #: JKT72035 Preview by Rob Haelterman



This set contains two SC500 bombs and two sleds, each of a different type. As far as my scarce references can tell me, similar sleds were widely used by the Luftwaffe, even though I haven't been able to identify a standard type. The SC500 bombs are within a 2% tolerance in dimensions.

The resin parts are cast in the (by now well-known) black resin which JK Resin manages to cast so thinly that some parts (like the bomb fins) are actually translucent, while being very delicately detailed and free of any blemishes. To enhance the detail further a strand of copper wire is provided. The copper wire is meant to be cut to size and represent (what I believe are) rods holding one of the sleds together as well as the reinforcements for the bomb fins. As the copper bends easily, I believe it would be better to represent this with thin steel wire or even stretched sprue.

To complete the set, a decal sheet is provided with tiny (though readable) stencils. This is the first time I see stencils for Luftwaffe bombs in 1/72
For those who are interested in just the bombs, decals and some crates, JK Resin released
set 72041.


A general remark about the bombs that come in the various JK Resin sets is that the fins are very close to scale, meaning that they are very thin, meaning that they are very, very fragile. As the tails of the bombs need to be removed from their casting blocks, there is a very high risk of damaging a few of them (which happened to me). The clean-up afterwards is also something to be very careful with, as you can easily end up with four slanting trailing edges of unequal length.

Another remark is that the stabilizing rods needs to be added to these fins (if one cares about this detail). I believe this is best not done with the strand of copper wire that comes with the set (although it is commendable that it is included at all); stretched sprue or very thin steel wire being a better alternative. In this case, I opted for the latter, using fine wire supplied by Albion Alloys. Even then, getting four equal and matching lengths glued on, while ensuring that they are aligned along all the axes and without using a visible blob of superglue is a challenge that is not for the faint of heart.

When painting the bombs, the modeler has some freedom, but the official colors can be found here. I painted mine in a locally mixed grey-green resembling RAL 7027, which according to the aforementioned source is the correct color.


The assembly of the bomb sleds is a breeze, if care is taken to ensure perfect alignment. With a fine needle I tried to simulate the wood grain on the larger parts.
Again I didn't use the copper wire for one of the sleds, but used thin steel wire instead as this is much easier to keep straight.


I'll probably repeat myself when saying that the inclusion of very finely printed decals in this set is an extremely attractive feature.
The tiny decals settled well, but the stripes for the bomb fins needed some persuasion from a setting fluid, which made them adhere snugly. In my set the yellow stripes had a printing issue (which is not present in the decals for set 72041). Indeed, the yellow stripes are made of two layers (one white and one yellow), which are offset with respect to one another.
The set comes with enough decals for three bombs, while the set only has two. The spares will surely come in handy. (Actually, it would be very nice if JK Resin released bomb markings separately, as they have previously done for the 20mm Flak.)







Review sample kindly provided by JK Resin.


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14 May 2018
01 November 2019

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