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German WWII Zimmerit
No.1 & No.2

Kit #: JKT72037/38 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Developed by Zimmer AG in 1943, Zimmerit has given modelers a headache ever since, especially in smaller scales. Approaches vary, from scribing the plastic with a (hot) needle, applying putty in very thin layers (like the real thing) which can then be endowed with the required Zimmerit pattern, or buying aftermarket sets containing replacement parts that are already textured.
JK resin gives us another option: two wafer thin 57mm by 73mm sheets of resin Zimmerit. These sheets are so thin that you could actually still read this text with both sheets placed on top of each other over your computer screen. It also means that they are flexible and easily cut (although compound curves like on a Topfblende will still be more than a challenge).

According to Panzerworld, set 72037 (called "No.1") gives us a pattern that was applied to the StuG III Ausf.G, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, Panzerjäger IV and Panther Ausf.G, while set 72038 ("No.2") corresponds only to the Panther Ausf.G.

Set 72037

Set 72038



Review sample kindly provided by JK Resin.


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14 May 2018

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