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From Poland. Modelkrak is one of the finest producers of 1/72 armored kits. Their models are primarily resin, some of the early ones have cast metal wheels and tracks.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MKA-7201 Garford-Putilov Armored Car        
MKA-7202 Austin Armored Car - 1st Series        
MKA-7203 Russian Austin Armored Car        
MKA-7204 Russo-Balt Armored Car   Preview    
MKA-7205 Izorskiy Fiat Armored Car        
MKA-7206 Armstrong-Whitworth-Fiat Armored Car        
MKA-7207 Lanchester Armored Car        
MKA-7208 Austin 2 Serie        
MKT-7201 BT-5 Excellent detail and moldings. Minor fit problems with bogie wheels. Metal wheels and tracks.   Doug Chaltry  
MKT-7202 7TP Polish Light Tank (single turret) Superb kit. Accuracy and detail are top-notch. Modified Vickers light tank. Metal wheels and tracks.      
MKT-7203 7TP - Polish Light tank (twin turret) Same as 7202 but with twin MG turrets. Preview    
MKT-7204 C7P - artillery tractor on 7TP chasis        
MKT-7205 T-35 Outstanding kit. This is one of the largest small scale kits I own, and it is up to Modelkrak's very high standards. Excellent surface detail, very accurate, but with poor instructions. Tracks are now resin instead of the typical metal for this brand.   Stephen Brezinski  
MKT-7206 T-26T - Artillery Tractor        
MKT-7207 BT-2 Similar in quality to the other BT tanks from this company. The hull is large, solid, and very detailed, this time with separate fenders. Gun barrel is small and fragile. Metal wheels and tracks. Preview    
MKT-7208 T-26B - ver.1933 Very good kit. Same turret as BT-5, on modified Vickers hull. Metal wheels and mediocre tracks.      
MKT-7209 T-72M1 Not quite as nice as other Modelkrak kits. Detail is a little softer. More on par with ARMO, but still an outstanding model, and better than any other T-72 available. Preview    
MKT-7210 WZT-3 - Polish ARV Vehicle        
MKT-7211 PT-91 "Twardy" This is the Polish version of the T-72, which was manufactured with many local modifications. Kit is very similar to the T-72M1, but with added reactive armor. Preview Pat Storto  
MKT-7212 VICKERS - ARMSTRONG - URSUS (single turret)        
MKT-7213 VICKERS - ARMSTRONG - URSUS (twin-turret)        
MKT-7214 BT-7 Outstanding kit. Same turret as BT-5, on modified hull, which represents an early BT-7 version (BT-7RT). Metal wheels and tracks.      
MKT-7215 7.5cm PAK/T-26 This is a neat little model. Fairly simple, but overall well-detailed, and certainly an unusual choice of subject. Metal wheels and tracks. Preview    
MKT-7216 T-26 Bridgelayer        
MKT-7217 (old) T-60 This is the only T-60 available in 1/72nd scale, and it is fantastic. It has resin tracks, instead of metal, which is unfortunate, but the detail and molding of the hull are top-notch. Perhaps this model has been removed from production? Preview    
MKT-7217 (new) Japanese Type 94 Light Tank Excellent kit, but with poorly detailed tracks. Preview    
MKT-7218 T-26 76.2mm MODEL 26 "LENINGRAD"        
MKT-7219 STEYR RSO mit 7.5cm Pak 40/4 Outstanding kit. This is one of Modelkrak's most detailed kits, with a completely detailed undercarraige and fighting compartment. The PAK 40 is partly new, and partly copied from ESCI, but overall, this is one of my favorite Modelkrak kits. Preview    
MKT-7220 Transporter STEYR RSO Outstanding kit. Includes cab interior detail. Doors can be opened. Beautiful tracks. Preview    
MKT-7221 Steyr RSO mit 2cm Flak 38 Unsure if ever released.      
MKT-7222 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 "Sturer Emil" Unsure if ever released.      
MKT-7223 Neubaufahrzeug German multi-turret tank. Excellent detail. Few parts releative to size of vehicle. Many smaller details are molded onto the larger parts. Highly detailed tracks and wheels. Beautful model. Preview     
MKT-7224 SWS (Gerat 71) mit Panzerwerfer Another beautiful model. Resin tracks, although I prefer metal. Highly detailed. Preview    
MKT-7225 Japanese Type 92 Light Tank Similar to Type 94. Comes with trailer.      
MKT-7226 Japanese TE Tractor Half-tracked troop carrier.      
MKT-7227 T-29-5 Prototype vehicle between the T-28 and the T-34.      
MKT-7228 Japanese TE Tractor w/Tarpaulin Half-tracked troop carrier.      
MKT-7229 Japanese TE Tractor w/closed cabin Half-tracked troop carrier.      
MKT-7230 T-28 Another beautiful model. Resin tracks, although I prefer metal. Highly detailed. Preview   Stephen Brezinski
MKT-7231 SU-5-2 152mm auf T-26 I'm not as impressed with this kit as I am with other Modelkrak kits. The hull, wheels and tracks are as good as previous kits, but I feel that the gun and fighting compartment are over-simplified. Also, the smooth surfaces on the hull have fine scratches all over from coarse sandpaper, which I have noticed on many of Modelkrak's newest releases. Metal wheels and tracks.      
MKT-7232 RSO Amphibious Type 2        
MKT-7233 RSO Werkstatt Variant        
MKT-7234 SU-76M Absolutely gorgeous model. First kit of this vehicle in this scale. Preview    
MKT-7235 Steyr RSO/KHD        
MKT-7236 T-28 Bridgelayer        
MKT-7241 BT-7A        
MKT-7242 T-29-5        
MKT-7244 T-28 w/L10 Gun Late version.     Stephen Brezinski
MKT-7245 T-12        
MKT-7246 T-24 Russian Medium Tank        
MKT-7247 T-37 light amphibious tank        
MKT-7248 T-37A light amphibious tank        
MKT-7249 T-26A        
MKT-7251 T-38        

T-35A Model 1939

MKT-7253 SMK        
Polish light tank Anders Wielozadaniowa Platforma Bojowa Anders (Anders Multirole Combat Platform). Family of medium, tracked combat vehicles.      
PZA LOARA        
MKT-7256A7V Überlandwagen    

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Kit list last updated 31 March 2015