7 TPdw Polish Light Tank

Manufacturer: Modelkrak (Kit No. T 003)

Another remarkably well detailed kit from Modelkrak. It is a simple kit, with only six resin and 38 metal parts. The hull, turrets, muffler and storage boxes are resin, and the wheels and tracks are metal. The level of detail is very good, with excellent representations of rivets, engine deck screens, and the MG's in the turrets. The quality of resin is superb, with very crisp moldings, and no airbubbles. Large pour blocks need to be removed from the bottoms of the turrets and hull. All of the fender corners on my kit were broken during shipping, but thanks to packing the kit in a zip-lock bag, all the parts are present and can be easily fixed.

The metal parts are likewise very detailed, and well cast, but the tracks are over-simplified, and the track links look too large. It appears as though the teeth on the sprocket wheel will be too close together for the tracks, but there are the correct number of teeth on the wheel. Very good instructions and a painting guide are included, but there are no decals. The best reference I have found so far for this tank is the Militaria Magazine Special Issue (Vol. 1 No. 5) on the 7 TP Light Tank, by Janusz Magnuski and Jan Jedryka. The entire magazine is written in Polish (except photo captions), but it includes a wealth of photographs, scale drawings, and color profiles for this tank, as well as the 7 TPjw, and C7P Artillery Tractor (both also produced by Modelkrak). This kit is highly recommended.

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