T-60 Soviet Light Tank

Manufacturer: Modelkrak (Kit #7217)

Since Modelkrak switched to JADAR for distribution, it seems that they have gotten away from using white metal parts for the tracks and wheels. I have several of their newer "JADAR" kits, and they are entirely in resin. For the wheels, this is a good thing, because I feel that the resin holds detail better than metal, but I really miss the metal tracks. I was willing to give up a small amount of detail for the ease of bending the metal tracks into the appropriate shapes around the wheels. Now we have to use the "heating" method to bend the resin, which can be difficult. But in the case of this kit, the tracks are not very detailed anyway, so I wish they had used metal.

Once again, this is a fairly simple kit, but with superb detail. However, this is also the first Modelkrak kit I bought which has air bubbles in the resin, which you can see along the edges of some of the wheels. The fenders are broken, but all the pieces are present in the zip-lock bag, so fixing them will be easy. The cannon is warped, but it will be simple to replace it with a length of styrene rod. As you can see, the sprocket wheels are missing teeth where the track wraps around the wheels, which eliminates the step of having to cut off the teeth yourself.

This is an excellent little kit, and I am very pleased that Modelkrak is continuing to provide us with kits of the Soviet light tanks, which were so prevalent in the early stages of the war.

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