Manufacturer: Modelkrak (Kit No. T 007)

Considering the recent release of the UM BT-2 kit, I thought it might be a good idea to post a preview of the rival Modelkrak BT-2 that was released several years ago. It is typical of the early Modelkrak kits, with primarily resin parts, but with the wheels and tracks cast in white metal. Also typical of Modelkrak is the very high quality of the kit. The resin is very well cast, with superb detail and accuracy. As is common for many resin kits, it is solid bodied, with all hatched molded closed. There are a couple of pioneer tools molded onto the engine deck, the fenders are separate, allowing the option of leaving them off, and there is excellent rivet and bolt detail throughout.

The metal parts are likewise very detailed, and well cast, but the tracks are a little over-simplified. Having worked with white metal tracks before, I can say that it is my favored medium for tracks, if only they were a little better detailed. Unlike the UM kit, this BT-2 includes open-spoked wheels, which were common on early versions of this tank. The only armament option is the B-3 37mm cannon, and it would have been nice to have the option of making the machinegun-armed versions as well. Simplified instructions are included, but there are no decals.

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