T-28 Soviet Medium Tank

Manufacturer: Modelkrak (Kit #7230)

This is another all-resin kit, including the tracks. The vehicle is huge, and the model will be very heavy when finished. Another change to the Modelkrak kits when JADAR took over distributorship of the line, was that the instructions have worsened. They never were all that detailed when GP Hobbies distributed Modelkrak, but they were definitely better than they are now.

Again, the detail on this kit is magnificent. Modelkrak is easily one of the best manufacturers of resin kits available. In the scan above, only a small number of the bogie wheels and track segments are shown. The sprocket wheels are missing teeth where the track wraps around the front of the wheels, and although most model builders will likely have cut off the teeth themselves, if anyone wanted to build a diorama with the track off the wheels, they will now have to add some teeth, which should be fairly simple to do. There are no markings included, and no description of the neat paint scheme depicted on the box cover (from the Winter War with Finland?).

This is another excellent kit of a very rare vehicle.

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