PT-91 Twardy

Manufacturer: Modelkrak (Kit #7211)

From Pat Storto

This is the Polish version of the T-72 main battle tank. The scan below shows all the included parts; most have been detached from resin blocks and cleaned up. (I left one wheel and some small parts still attached) I have yet to remove large resin blocks from the bottom of the turret and hull. There are a lot of parts, so a certain amount of motivation and interest in this vehicle is helpful in completing this kit.

Overall detail is very nice, better than the Galaxy plastic kit (my only other T72). I saw no air bubbles that need filling. The tracks are metal which will make them easy to wrap around the wheels, but the detail is a bit soft (also, I will need to call the company to get one more track section, as I need a total of six to cover all wheels). The major difference between this kit and the Modelkrak T72 is the reactive armor.

The instructions show a single busy diagram, which does not show the placement of all the parts. So reference photos will be a necessity...and the Galaxy kit will come in helpful here! Also, the instructions show a wood beam not included in the kit...I'll hafta raid my PST spares! And, if you don't read Polish, you won't know what it says! Probably something about correcting resin warpage or using superglue.... :-)

The box has photo of a completed kit, but the detail is unclear. So I recommend consulting websites like this one here; I will probably complete this with a green/brown/black camo scheme.

You can see the current assembly status of this kit here.

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