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Excellent resin kits from France. Very difficult to obtain in the US. Thanks to Chris Scruton for most of the comments below, and thanks to Ludovic Bertrand for the boxart scans. ADV Mini also markets figure sets and vehicle accessories.

To order ADV mini kits, write to:

16 Rue Dunoise
41240 Verdes

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 Renault VAB 4x4 APC Includes some undercarriage detail as opposed to models cast in open-faced molds. There was a small mold line around the model at its midsection. The nose of the vehicle needs a bit of cleaning up. The resin quality is excellent, but there was a bit of mudding on the right-side storage bin and in the left rear wheel well. The wheels, details and the rivets on the hubs are excellent. ADV also provides instructions to use plastic rod to add missing suspension struts, etc. - C. Scruton      
72002 Renault VAB 4x4 Ambulance        
72003 Renault VAB 4x4 Anti-tank        
72004 VAB 6x6 APC The VAB 6x6 is even better than its 4x4 stablemate. The kit employs a slightly different hull to the 4x4 (the large central storage bins of the 4x4 are deleted to make way for the extra axle on the 6x6). The casting of this hull is even better than the 4x4. The wheels and smaller details are excellent and instructions are provided for superdetailing. - C. Scruton      
72005 AMX 10 RC Armored Car The hull was cast in open-faced mold. Although this means unmarred centerline surfaces, there is a large mold plug to clean up and some mudding in the wheel wells; my kit had a fair number of bubbles on the lower hull. The hull details are fantastic - the hatches, grilles, and engine louvres are delicate and finely detailed. The turret, gun, and wheels are beautiful - the latter have the rocker arms molded integrally with the tires/hubs. - C. Scruton Preview    
72006 Panhard VBL 4x4 The detailing of the hull casting is unbelievably good. However, there are problems: (1) the hull had a mold shift (about 0.5+mm); also, because they elected to tap into the front of the vehicle, the tap has destroyed some of the detail (headlights, etc.). (2) The suspension is too detailed - ADV includes tiny springs and other fine suspension parts which might lead to weak connections. (3) the rivet details on the wheel hubs aren't as nice as the other models. Having said that, the hull detailing alone makes this model worth the effort. - C. Scruton

This kit has been updated (3 June 2001): The new tooling has an enhanced hull with more details and is now provided with the 7062 AA F1 machine gun.

72007 AMX 30 B2 The hatch, grille, louvre, and tools are top-notch. The turret is also quite fine, although it did shift ever so slightly. The gun and separate details are up to ADV's high standards. All the wheels, rocker arms, etc., are cast separately, including a full set of fantastically detailed track sections. ADV even cast the individual links that go 'round the drive sprocket and return roller right on those parts, so we need only worry about gluing straight lengths. - C. Scruton   Stephen Brezinski  
72008 Panhard ERC 90 6x6 Sagaie The hull is cast in a multipart mold, with a prominent tap gated into the nose (this is going to require significant care in cleanup); The rocker arms and some nicely detailed suspension springs are cast right on the hull. The non-slip surface on the front and side fenders and on the turret is nice, but perhaps a bit overdone in this scale. The gun, wheels, and cast details are all up to ADV's high standards. - C. Scruton Preview    
72009 VAB 4x4 NBC/ Recce Very nice model. Excellent casting quality. All hatches and windows are closed. Includes .50cal MG, but no armored window visors are included, as depicted on the box-top. No decals.   Doug Chaltry  
72010 AMX 10 RC Surblindage IFOR        
72011 AMX 155 Auf 1        
72012 VAB 4x4 APC w/.50 cal MG        
72014 AMX 10 PH        
72015 AMX 10 VOA        
72016 Peugeot P4 Bâchée        
72017 Berliet GBC 8 KT Cargo Truck   See boxart.    
72018 Berliet GBC 8 KT Fuel Truck   See boxart.    
72020 LeClerc T5 5th Production batch in Kosovo configuration. Includes commander figure. Excellent kit. Preview Ludovic Bertrand

Doug Chaltry

72023 Panhard VB2L VBL with long wheel base. Preview    
72028 Panhard VBL w/MILAN anti-tank weapon        

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72013 Vehicle Accessories Includes: 10 x 0.50 MG ammunition boxes, 10 x grenade boxes, 5 x 20 mm cannon ammunition boxes, 5 x French modèle F1 rucksack, 10 x fast camouflage nets sacks (the black small ones put outside of the vehicles), 1 x MILAN laucher, 4 x MILAN ammunition. Instruction Sheet    
72024 Light Ferry Bridge F2   Photos    
72025 US Ribbon Bridge   See Photo    
72026 US Ribbon Bridge section        
72027 AMX-30 Tracks Resin replacement tracks for Heller AMX-30 kit. Preview    

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72019 Modern French Infantry 10 figures. Preview    
72021 Modern French Tankers 10 figures.      
72022 Modern French Infantry Pt. 2 Nine superbly modified ESCI figures, converted to modern French Infantry, and molded in resin. Preview    

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