ERC 90 Sagaie

Manufacturer: ADV Mini (Kit No. 72008)

This is my first ADV kit, and I must say, I am quite impressed. The quality of this kit represents some of the finest resin casting I have seen in small scale armor. The resin itself is very high quality. No bubbles or air holes are to be found on my kit, and the resin has held the detail very well.

The detail on the vehicle is abundant and very well done. As typical for most resin kits, all the hatches are molded shut. There is non-slip surface coating on the hull and a strip of it running across the face of the turret. It's not a very complicated kit, with only 20 parts, and the instructions, although simple, are well drawn, and easy to follow. There are no decals included, but it does give a five-view drawing of the painting scheme of the vehicle.

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