Modern French Infantry

ADV Mini (#72022)

This set contains 9 figures and a small diorama base. There is a MILAN launcher and firer plus a MILAN reloader, a radio man with a PR4G squad radio, an officer using this radio. Figures are painted by Ludovic Bertrand


How many of you have ever wanted to duplicate in resin the finely-molded figures from ESCI, which are unfortunately molded in a notoriously unworkable soft plastic? Well, ADV Mini has done that, and gone one better. Using figures from several of the ESCI sets (US Infantry, NATO Infantry, etc.), they have modified them appropriately to represent soldiers in the modern French Army. This is the second set of figures from ADV, and it compliments the first set by providing some more unsual poses and weapons. Note how finely cast the weapons are; some of the barrel tips have broken, but can easily be replaced. These are highly detailed figures, and I am very glad to see them in the marketplace. I hope more companies will follow suit.

Thank you to ADV Mini for providing the review product.

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