Retrokit France
Resin items from France. Once part of Retrokit and also offering some of the older Exokit, Retromodels and Solfig kits. It also has a range of dirorama items and figures.

Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
R72002 Munitions Zugkraftwagen auf Somua MCG S307(f)        
R72003 Leichter Reihenwerfer auf Somua MCG S307(f)        
R72004 Somua MCG 4/5 105mm field gun tractor        
R72005 Pionier Panzerwagen auf Somua MCG S307(f)        
R72007 French 75mm AA gun, mle.32        
R72010 194 GPF SP gun with tractor/ammunition carrier        
R72012 Gun Carrier        
R72014 Renault AG1 Taxi de la Marne        
R72017 Command trailer for 75mm AA gun battery        
R72019 T13 B1/B2        
R72020 T13 B3        
R72022 Panhard-Schneider P16 (M29)        
R72031 French 25mm AA Mle.39        
R72033 French 25mm AC Mle 37        
R72034 Berliet CBA WW1 & WW2      
R72038 105mm Schneider Long Mle.36        
R72105 Fiacre First quarter of 20th century      
R72106 Automitrailleuse Renault 1915        
R72107 Autocanon Renault 37mm 1915        
R72108 Automitrailleuse Peugeot 1915        
R72031 French 25mm AA Mle.39        
R72109 Autocanon Peugeot 1915        
R72111 Charron Armoured Car        
R72102 60 Pounder Mk II        
R72112 Rolls Royce 1914 Armoured Car - Europe        
R72113 Rolls Royce 1914 Armoured Command Car        
R72114 Rolls Royce 1914 Armoured Car - Tropical        
R72107 Automitrailleuse Renault 1915        
R72108 Automitrailleuse Peugeot 1915        
R72109 Autocanon Peugeot 1915        
R72110 Autocanon Renault 47mm 1914        
R72111 Automitrailleuse Charron        
R72112 Armoured car Rolls Royce 1914 command version        
R72113 Armoured car Rolls Royce 1914 Middle East version        
R72114 Armoured car Rolls Royce 1914 Europe version        
R72115 Renault FT BS bridge layer        
R72116 8cm Raketenwerfer auf Somua MCL S303(f)        
R72120Mk.A Whippet
R72121Beutepanzer A
R72122Auto-caisson De Dion-Bouton
R72200Somua MCG 4/5 105mm field gun tractor (open cab)
R72203Somua MCG 4/5 105mm field gun tractor (closed cab)
R72222 Russian T-50        
R72223 PzKpfw I Ausf.F        
R72224 US Wrecker Kenworth with PE parts      
R72225 Wrecker Ward Lafrance with PE parts      
R72226 DAF M36 With decals      
R72227 DAF M38 With decals      
R72228 DAF M39 With decals      
R72229 DAF M36 DAF M36 Pz. SpWg. L 202(h) DAF 36 modified by Germans; with decals      
R72230 DAF M39 DAF M39 Pz. SpWg. DAF 201(h) DAF 39 modified by Germans; with decals Preview    
R72233 20t Titan Coder tank trailer for Somua S35        
R72234 28t Titan Coder tank trailer for Renault B1 Bis        
R72235 US Storm Boats 2 small, 1 medium and one large      
R72236 Treadway Bridge        
R72303 M577A1 Command vehicle        
R72304 YPR 765 With decals      

Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
R72502 Well with Roof      
R72503 Wagon      
R72504 Wagon with Hay      
R72505 Wagon Dumper with Oxen and Walking Driver      
R72506 Wagon Ride with Driver and Young Passengers      
R72507 Covered Well      
R72508 Small Fountain      
R72509 Angler in his Boat      

Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
R72007 Solid wheeled cart with horse        
R72801 Moroccan Tabors with Mule  
R72470WW1 French tank crew - set 2


Moroccan Tabors with Officer 5 figures      
R72803 WWII French Policemen 3 figures      
R72804 WWII French Conscripts 3 figures      
R72805 Women with Priest 3 figures      
R72806 Hungarian Soldiers 3 figures      
R72807 Hungarian Tank Crew        
R72808 French Civilians welcoming the Allies        
R72809 TODT Workers with Supervisor      
R72811 Polish Tank Crew 3 figures      
R72812 Early War German Tank Crew 3 figures      
R72813 French Colonial Infantry 4 figures      
R72814 French Tank Crew 1940 4 figures      
R72815 Spahis 3 figures      
R72816 French Soldiers 1940 4 figures      
R72817 DAK Tank Crew in relaxed poses 3 figures      
R72818 Riding German Tank Crew 4 figures      
R72819 French Soldiers of the Narvik Expedition 4 figures      
R72820 Soldiers directing traffic 5 figures      
R72821 Ramke Brigade Observation Post 4 figures      
R72822 Romanian Soldiers in summer clothing 3 figures Preview    
R72823 Romanian Soldiers in winter clothing 3 figures      
R72824 Romanian Tank Crew 4 figures      
R72825 Israeli Tank Crew 3 figures      
R72827 Hungarian Tank Crew set no.2 2 figures, 4 torsos Preview    
R72828 French Officers at Bir Hakeim 4 figures      
R72829 Legionnaires preparing position at Bir Hakeim        
R72830 French Marines Bofors AA Crew at Bir Hakeim        
R72831 French Tank Crew 1940 set no.2        
R72832 Workers and Villagers        
R72833 Farmers        
R72834 Villagers        
R72835 Coffee Shop patio with clients and waiter        
R72836 Senegalese Skirmishers at Bir Hakeim Could also be R72837      
R72437 T13, B1/B2/B3 tank crew        
R72438 Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais        
R72439 WW1 Scottish soldiers        
R72440 Hotchkiss 1901 MG + German crew        
R72441 Maxim 08 MG + German crew        
R72442 Vickers MG + English crew        
R72443 Browning MG + American crew        
R72444 Maxim MG + Belgian crew + dog span        
R72445 Maxim MG + FM + Belgian crew + protection        
R72446 Maxim MG + Russian crew WW1        
R72447 Maroccan Goumiers WW2 2 riders + mule      
R72448 WW1 French Crew AFV crew appears to be no longer marketed      
R72449 French soldiers early WW1        
R72450 French Resistance WW2        
R72451 African Artillery Crew at Bir Hakeim WW2        
R72452 US Wrecker Truck Crew WW2        
R72453 General Leclerc, General Patton and his dog        
R72454 Treadway Bridge Helpers Team        
R72454Renault Taxi Passengers & Driver
R72455 US Storm Boat drivers        
R72456 Recovery team for Sherman M32        
R72457 Arab civilians with donkeys, sheep and goats        
R72458 WW2 German checkpoint with barrier and civilians        
R72459 Red Cross team with wounded in wheeled stretcher        
R72460 Artillery crew for french 75mm AA Mod. 32        
R72461 37mm AAS Soviet crew        
R72462 85mm AA Soviet crew        
R72463 WW1 French tank crew        
R72464 French Firemen with hand pump        
R72465 Street singers with piano organ        
R72466 Hot sweet chesnut street vendor with his dog        
R72467 Saunterers (family)        
R72468 Rolls Royce WW1 Tropical Crew        
R72469 Taxi Driver & Passengers        
R72471 Exodus        
R72511 Fisherman in boat  
Laundresses with barrel wash tubs        

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Kit list last updated 16 April 2017