Ouvriers avec surveillant (Workers with supervisor)
Kit # 72809 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

I'm still not sure whether I have clearly grasped the way in which the old Retrokit range was split between RetrokiT and Solfig, or between Retrokit(UK) and Retrokit(FR). My set carries the label "RetrokiT", but according to our sources it is now in the Solfig catalogue. I'll leave it up to the reader to identify the product when he comes across this set.

The set contains four resin figures, some with separate arms or hands. One figure is (para-)military and can represent any German soldier, but in this set he probably belongs to Organisation Todt. The three others are civilians (of which two in coveralls), and can be anything from Todt workers to ordinary civilians. The one with the shovel would make a convincing farmer, and the one with the rake could pass for a civilian waving at troops if you give him another hand. In all, a very versatile set.

Unfortunately, the casting quality is good, but not sublime. Detail is rather soft on the soldier (but better on the others), ragged blemishes can be found, and the farmer's torso is almost two-dimensional. The soldier is also rather tall, measuring around 27mm (=1m94) from heel to cap.

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Article Last Updated: 13 February 2010