Exo Kit
Resin kits from France. Exo Kit purchased Retromodels , and marketed the Exo Kit and Retro Models lines together, plus new additions, under the name Retrokit.

Exo Kit also produced some resin figure sets.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
7201 Treadway ferry-boat      
7202 US Storm Boat (x4)      
7203 Sherman M32 B1 recovery tank   Preview  
7204 US radio body conversion for Hasegawa GMC      
7205 15cm sFH 13 on Lorraine chassis      
7206 Bergepanther      
7207 T 28 Soviet medium tank      
7208 T 80 U/UD (conversion for Revell kit)      
7209 MAZ 537 Cargo Truck      
7210 MAZ 537 Cargo Truck w/Trailer      
7211 BMP-2 MICV      
7212 122mm 2S1 Self-Propelled Howitzer      
7213 1V14/AV15 ACRV      
7214 T-64 Soviet Tank This resin kit is the same as the MMS metal kit. It's not just a copy, but rather made for Exokit by the same model maker who is behind the excellent MMS kit line. Unfortunately, it is 20mm, which is far too small for 1/72nd scale. Compared to scale plans, it is much closer to 1/76th. Very nice kit, though.    
7215 BTR-60      
7216 1V13/AV16 ACRV      
7217 SS11 SEGO 1 on trailer with MAZ tractor      
7218 SS11 SEGO 3 on trailer with MAZ tractor      
7219 M577A1 US Command Vehicle      
7220 YPR 765 IFV      
7221 MAZ 537 w/TschMZAP 9990 Trailer      
7222 Ward LaFrance Wrecker      
7224 M51 Super Sherman Much closer to 1/76th in scale, this model was based on the Revell M4A1, and is therefore too small for 1/72nd. The detail and moldings are excellent. Preview  
7225 Kenworth Wrecker Kit number shared with Figure set    
7227 T-50 Light Tank Only T-50 in this scale, and a very nice kit. Preview  

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
7223 Modern Soviet Tank Crew 1/72nd Scale Preview  
7225 WW I Belgian/Russian MG Dog Teams 1/72nd Scale. Kit number shared with AFV kit (?).    
7228 Modern Isreali Tank Crew      
7605 Polish AFV Crew      
7609 German AFV Crew      
7610 French Colonial Infantry at Rest      
7612 French AFV Crew 1940      
7615 French Colonial Cavalry      
7616 French Infantry 1940      
7618 German Afrika Korps Tank Crew      
7619 KGB Soldiers      
7621 German WW2 Tank Crew Relaxed      
7622 French Infantry at Narvik      
7623 German Military Police: Feldpolizei      
7624 DAK Ramcke Observation Group      
7625 Romanian Soldiers in Summer Uniform      
7626 Romanian Soldiers in Winter Uniform      
7627 Romanian Tankers      

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