T-50 Light Tank

Manufacturer: Exokit (Kit # 7227)

I believe that this was the last full kit that Exokit released prior to closing shop. I understand that they have now merged their talents with the former Retromodels group, and are now producing models under the name of RetroKit. I certainly hope they plan on re-releasing this particular kit, because in addition to being the only example of this tank available in 1/72nd scale, it is also a mighty fine model.

As you can see, it is a very simple model. There are only seven parts: the hull, turret, two wheel/track assemblies, two headlights and a machinegun barrel. Despite this simplicity, the model is very well done. There is abundant detail, it is very well molded (the hatch handles are even molded in place), and I especially like the wheels and tracks (the broken bits are in the bag). Typically, when the tracks are made in this manner, they are very plain, lacking detail and realism. Not so in this case. You can't see from this angle, but the tracks have an excellent tread pattern to them, and the guide teeth are also very distinct. The wheels have nice lightening holes drilled in them (though a couple will need to be cleaned out some), and the method of attachment to the hull is very simple.

The only problem in my kit is the horribly bent cannon barrel, which I believe can be replaced with the same aluminum barrel available for the T-70/T-80 tanks, but I need to confirm that.

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