Resin kits from the UK. This company is now defunct. The two owners of Retrokit, Dominic Jadoul and Marc Urwic have separated. Marc Urwicz is now based in France and continues to offer the old Exo Kit, Retro Models and some Retrokit items under the new name Solfig. Dominic Jadoul is based in the UK and offers his part of the Retrokit line as RetrokiT or Retrotracks (upper case for the last T in the company name).

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 Mag'ach 6B Gal Israeli Tank        
72002 German Somua MCG Half-track Ammo Carrier    Preview    
72003 German Somua MCG Half-track w/Reihenwerfer        
72004 German Somua MCG French Artillery Tractor        
72005 Pionier Panzerwagen auf Somua MCG        
72007 Canon de 75mm AA Mle.1932   Preview    

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Kit list last updated 16 Aug 2013