Soldats Roumains en Ete
(Romanian Soldiers in Summer)

Kit #: 72422 Preview by Stephen Brezinski - SBrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Al Magnus

As the title states, this is a set of three infantry figures set in the summer period during the late 1930s and WW2 period.

The set consists of three pale green, cast resin figures with separate heads on two pour blocks, a separate Orita M41 or Schmeisser MP41 submachine gun, and a separate ZB30 light machine gun. There is one officer figure with jack boots and two enlisted figures with Dutch M22/27 pattern helmets, low boots and puttees.
The figures look well detailed and proportioned though the facial features look a little soft though it is not easy to do faces in this scale and the resin medium.

The helmets look accurately shaped and I understand should be painted a greenish-khaki color like Romanian vehicles. It is tough to do a weapon like the ZB30 machine gun in this scale; it looks too large and simplistic. The Romanians used the M1893 Mannlicher and later the ZB24 rifle which I recommend can be portrayed with Mauser rifles from a Preiser or Dragon or other 1/72 scale figure set.


The enlisted uniforms look to be the khaki colored M1939 infantry cotton summer uniform tunic and wool pants and brown leather boots and belt. The Osprey reference states that the wool pants faded much less in the weather so the pants would appear much darker. Based on historical photos I believe that is accurate. The officer's uniform would also be khaki color, his belt and holster dark drown color and the boots black or dark brown.

Review sample provided by Marc Urwicz of Solfig.

[1] The Romanian Army Of World War II, Mark Axworthy and Horia Serbanescu, Men-At-Arms Series #246, Osprey Publishing (1991) ISBN 13: 9781855321694 ISBN 10: 1855321696 .

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Article Last Updated: 11 April 2012