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This model kit represents a Dutch built armored car of the WW2 period following its capture by the Germans in 1940. Under German use this armored car served in the Aufklärungs-Abteilung or reconnaissance battalion. The four DAF201(h) cars of the reconnaissance unit of 227th Infantry Division served in France and later took from November 1941 part in Operation Barbarossa and on into 1943. It also served with the German 18th Infantry Division.

The kit is packaged in a zip lock bag with bubble wrap within a sturdy cardboard box. The above box art shows a small photo of the Pz.Sp.Wg.DAF201(h) with a large German cross (Balkenkreuze) and license plate. The car appears painted in dark gray typical of the 1940-1942 period. On the sloped glacis we see a machine gun mount and below that small wheels to help in crossing obstacles.

The kit consists of 18 vehicle parts and three German crew figures in five parts, all cast in a pale green color. Overall detail looks very good and corners are sharp. I noted no air bubbles but a little bit of flash. Clean-up from the pour plugs looks pretty easy. Some parts like the 37mm Bofors gun look very delicate and I was fortunate in that none arrived broken.
At top left is the cylindrical turret with 37mm gun and coaxial machine gun and open hatch for a half figure. The gun needs a little straightening in hot water. To the left, below the turret, is the one-piece vehicle hull with angled bow and stern and fore and aft machine gun mounts. The bumps midway down the glacis are armored headlights. There are two unditching boards mounted on the sides of the rear fenders. There is no locating hole or mark for the turret on top of the hull, so we will have to carefully place it based on measurements and our reference drawings. In the center are the resin pour blocks with the six pneumatic wheels, turret hatch and rear twin wheel mounting arms. The wheel detail looks good. At far right is the pour block with the front wheel mud flaps, driver's visor flap, one of the fore and aft machine guns, and the two side hull doors.


This above picture shows the backside of many of the parts such as the underside of the hull at far left. The wheel fenders (mudguards) are very thin and delicate. The hull bottom is pretty simple with no vehicle frame, drive shaft, springs or axles, etc. The bottom can use some detailing or the model could be mounted to a base so a judge cannot see the underside. From this view we can just about make out the open doorways with no depth so we cannot model the side doors open with the interior showing. The figures look very nice and well proportioned.


Here with a vehicle history in French and side profile of the vehicle is a very nice water slide decal sheet produced for Solfig by Black Lion Decals. Markings are for two Pz.Sp.Wg.DAF201(h) Panzerspähwagen vehicles serving with the German Wehrmacht, one in France and one in occupied Holland. Next to each marking is text indicating its location on the vehicle. Reference [1] states that only 12 DAF M39 were completed and some were destroyed in the 1940 combat. In 1940 several were photographed in use with the German 18th Inf. Div. in France. Six survivors served with the 227th Inf. Div. from mid-1940 to April 1942. According to a photo in reference [4] the markings with the 6-pointed star belong to the 227 Inf. Div., so by the process of elimination I presume that the lower right crosses are likely the 18th Inf. Div. At least one DAF M39 (Pz.Sp.Wg.DAF201(h)) was sent to Kummersdorf, Germany, for testing and evaluation to eventually be destroyed in combat in 1945.


No real assembly instructions are included but a five-view line drawing. The letters pointing to various parts are parts designations. The front wheels are parts B; the rear wheels are parts D, the turret hatch is part J, the side doors are part G.

This is a nice resin model suitable for novices to resin model kits. It lacks the complexity and detail of some resin kits such as from MarS. The kit will make a good war gaming model and with some detailing a fine display model. I appreciate that Solfig (Retrokit) has offered us this and a number of other unusual rare vehicles in small scale.

Review sample provided by Marc Urwicz of Solfig.

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Article Last Updated: 16 March 2012