Black Lion Decals
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Waterslide decals from the Netherlands. The sets do not have a manual, but for most sets this can be found on their website.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Preview Review
72001 World War I, British Mark I - III         
72002 World War I, British Gun & Supply Carrier         
72003 World War I, British Mark IV         
72004 World War I, French Schneider, St Chamond and Renault         
72005 World War I, German Artillery         
72006 World War I, Italian Armor & Trucks         
72007 World War I & Russian Civil War, Tsarist & White Armies         
72008 Russian Civil War, Red Army         
72009 Polish Army 1918-1922         
72010 Baltic States 1918-1939         
72011 World War I, German Mk. IV Beute         
72012 Dutch Army 1930-1940         
72013 Dutch East Indies 1939-1949         
72014 Liberation of Prague, 1945

Decals for 8 vehicles:
- two Hetzers without their gun
- a Sd.Kfz 250/1 "Alt"
- a T-34/76 of the 1st Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade
- a Studebaker U-6 of the 1st Czechoslovak Corps
- a T-34/76 of the ROA
- a BA-10 of the ROA
- a Hetzer of the ROA

The decals are printed on continuous film. The red color is slightly 'grainy', showing a light rasterwork pattern of lighter color, while the borders are very slightly irregular. All decals are printed in perfect register.
A manual can be found on the Black Lion website - R. Haelterman

72015 Finnish Army 1945-1995

Decals for 11 post-war vehicles, all carying the white-blue-white roundel:
- T-34/76 Mod.1943 (according to the sheet; according to the manual a Mod.1940, which in my opinion seems to be more correct). Ps231-17
T-34/85. Ps245-7
- StuG III Ausf. G. Ps531-21
- T-50. Ps183-1
- Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.J. Ps221-5
- Comet Mk.I B. Ps252-38
- BTR-60PB. Ps673-62
- T-55. Ps253-58
- 2S1 Gvozdika. Ps251-61
- BMP-1. Ps151-271
- T-72M1. Ps264-75

The decals are printed on continuous film. The blue color is slightly 'grainy', showing a light rasterwork pattern of lighter color, while the borders are very slightly irregular.
A manual can be found on the Black Lion website, which shows the position of the decals on a single picture of the real vehicle, which is not always very helpful. - R. Haelterman

72016 Japanese Army WW II         
72017 German Freikorps 1919         
72018 Yugoslav Army WW II         
72019 Yugoslav Army 1945-1989         
72020 French Army 1940, 14e BCC         
72021 French Army 1940, Tracked Carriers         
72022 German Army WW I         
72023 Dutch Princess Irene Brigade 1944-45         
72024 Asian Armies WW-2 (China, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Jordan)         
72025 US & UK Service Trucks WW II         
72026 French FFI "Groupe Besnier" 1945         
72027 WW I French Armored Cars & Trucks         
72028 WW I British & Belgian Armored Cars & Trucks         
72029 Modern Dutch Army YPR-765 Markings for 6 different Dutch YPR-765 vehicles  Picture    
72030 Interbellum British Army Interwar (19181939) markings for 8 different vehicles:
- Whippet
- Mark VIII International
- Mark V female
- Mark V male
- Vickers Medium
- Lanchester Mk.II
- Vickers Independent
- Medium C Hornet
72031 Interbellum miscellaneous armies Interwar (19181939) markings for 10 different vehicles:
- Brazilian FT-17 MG
- US Mark VIII International
- French Mark V female
- French Mark V male
- Portuguese Vickers E Mk.A + B
- French Char FCM-2C
- Czech Skoda PA-I & Skoda PA-II
- Spanish FT-17 MG & FT-TSF
72032 Hazardous goods labels & warning signs         
72033 British Beutepanzers         
72034 Dutch Leopard 1 family         
72035 Dutch Leopard 2 family         
72036 Dutch Road Sign includes 2 photo-etched pieces    
72037 Brazilian Army WW2      
72038 Raid on Dieppe      
72039 Mark V tank      
72040 WW2 French Colonies      
72041 French Army 1940 (part 1)      
72042 "Made by Vickers" Light tanks 1930s      
72043 Leopard 2 tank, export versions      
72044 German A7V Heidi      
72045 Belgian Army 1930-1940      
72046 Czechoslovak Independent Brigade 1944/45      
72047 Polish 1st Armoured Division 1944/45  
72048 RSI / Ustasha      
72049 WW1 Posters      
72050 A7V      
72051 Spanish Civil War - nationalists      
72052 Spanish Civil War - republicans - set 1      
72053 Spanish Civil War - republicans - set 2      
72054 Brigade Piron      
72055 BEF in France 1940      
72056Spanish Civil War - Republicans - set 3
72057Shermans on Iwo Jima
72058British Armour in North Africa
72059French 2nd DB vehicles
72060French 2nd DB Shermans
72061Israeli Army 1948
72062Spanish Civil War - nationalists - set 2
72063French in Indochina 1945-54
72064Royal Thai Army 1930-45
72065British landings at Westkapelle - November 1944
72066Training in Britain 1941-43
72501T-34/76 Mod.1942
72502T-34/76 Mod.1943
72504WW2 French roundels
72505WW2 British squadron markings2 sheets
72506WW2 French playing card markings
72507WW2 Allied white stars - broken circle
72508WW2 Allied white stars - full circle
72509WW2 Allied white stars
72510WW2 Hungarian crosses
72511WW2 Italian tactical markings
72512WW2 German Balkenkreuze - Blitzkrieg 1939
72513WW2 German Balkenkreuze - black & white
72514WW2 German turret numbers - black & white
72515WW2 German turret lettering - black & white
72516WW2 German turret numbers - white
72517WW2 German turret lettering - white
72518WW2 German turret numbers - red & white
72519WW2 German turret lettering - red & white
72520WW2 German 3rd Panzer division
72521WW2 German 7th Panzer division
72522WW2 German 11th Panzer division
72523WW2 German 14th Panzer division
72524WW2 German 1st Panzer division
72525WW2 German 17th Panzer division
72526WW2 German 13th Panzer division
72527WW2 German 12th Panzer division
72528WW2 German Panzer Lehr division
72529WW2 Italian Ariete & Centauro divison markings
72530WW2 British 11th armoured division
72531WW2 British 79th armoured division
72532WW2 British 8th armoured division
72533WW2 British 7th armoured division
72534WW2 British Guards armoured division
72535WW2 British 27th armoured brigade
72536WW2 British 4th armoured brigade
72537WW2 British 23rd armoured brigade
72538WW2 British 22nd armoured brigade
72539WW2 British 8th armoured brigade
72540WW2 Canadian 1st armoured brigade
72541WW2 Canadian 4th armoured division
72542WW2 Canadian 2nd armoured brigade
72543WW2 South African 6th armoured division
72544WW2 Australian 4th armoured brigade
72545WW2 New Zealand 2nd armoured division
72546WW1 British WD truck signs
72547WW2 German staff car pennants
72548WW2 Italian licence plates
72549WW2 German 5th Panzer division - 31st Panzer regt.
72550WW2 German 10th Panzer division - 7th Panzer regt.
72551WW2 British 33rd armoured brigade
72552WW2 British 51st Highland infantry division
72553WW2 German Stug brigade 243
72554WW2 Soviet red stars
72555WW2 Soviet red/white tactical turret stripes
72556WW2 Soviet guards signs
72557WW2 German turret numbers white outlines

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