Tankistes Hongrois 2
(Hungarian Tankers 2)

Kit #: 72427 Preview by Stephen Brezinski - SBrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Al Magnus

This 1/72 scale figure set consists of six pale green colored cast resin figures of Hungarian Army tank crew figures of the WW2 period. There are 12 parts on two pour stubs. As you can see there are two full figures and four ½ body figures to place in tank hatches.

Molding quality looks very good and the poses are unique and natural. I particularly like the officer figure that looks to be unfolding a map. With a razor saw and sharp blade the separation from the pour block and clean up looks easy.
The Hungarian tanker figures appear to be wearing helmets and overalls. The standing figures have low cut boots. Vehicles used by the Royal Hungarian Army that these figures can be modeled with include: the 1/72 scale Toldi light tank, Zrinyi assault gun, 39M Csaba armored car or Turan medium tank produced by Hunor Models; the Pz 38 tank from Attack, UM or Pegasus; the StuG III G from Dragon, or the StuG III G and Pz IV H kit from Revell AG.


Reference [1] states that the early Hungarian tanker uniforms were khaki colored overalls with a black Italian leather crash helmet. About 1942 brown leather trousers and jacket were issued. Footwear could be black jack boots or low boots with puttees (leggings). A peaked side cap could be worn though the Solfig/Retrokit figures all appear to wear the crash helmet. Reference [2] has other uniform options that include gray-blue overalls and gray-green overalls, with a leather belt and sidearm.

Review sample provided by Marc Urwicz of Solfig.

[1] Tank and AFV Crew Uniforms Since 1916, by Martin Windrow, Squadron Signal Publications, 1979 ISBN: 0-89747-103-2
[2]The Royal Hungarian Army in World War II, by Dr. Nigel Thomas & László Pál Szabó, Osprey Men-at-Arms #449, 2008 ISBN: 978 1 84603 324 7

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Article Last Updated: 20 March 2012