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This line of models has been released by a number of companies, most notably AER of Moldova. Additional companies to market them are AGA, Eastern Express and PST. As is evident below, the numbering of the kits is quite confusing, with some companies apparently releasing the same kit more than once, and other companies using unique numbering schemes. Any and all help with these kit numbers would be very much appreciated.

AER also sells a series of limited edition resin kits.

Kits - Plastic
AER AGA Toga Eastern
PST Cooperativa Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 009         ZIS-5 Soviet truck        
72002           ZIS-5V Soviet truck        
72003 010 255   72021   BZ-35 Soviet Fuel truck        
72004       72011   ZIS-5-BZ Soviet Fuel truck        
72005   261 72014   72014 Self-Propelled Gun SU-85      Stephen Brezinski  
72006   254   72019 72004 ZiS-6 Soviet truck        
72007   256     72016 PARM-1 Field Repair Shop   Erwin Bovyn   
72008   257     72017 PARM-2 Field Repair Shop        
72009   251     72009 Soviet tank T-34/85 M.44 Same lower hull and chassis as SU-100. Same comments too.
See Modeling the T-34 article.
Preview Doug Chaltry

Doug Chaltry (1)

Doug Chaltry (2)

Stephen Brezinski

72010   252     72008 Self-Propelled Gun SU-100 Detail is a little rough, and sparse. Overall dimensions are good, but I've heard there are fit problems. Good link and length tracks. Improper spacing between road wheels.
See Modeling the T-34 article.
Preview Stephen Brezinski Doug Chaltry
72011 011? 253     72007 BM-13 Katiusha Rocket Launcher        
72012           GAZ-67 This is the same kit boxed by MGD (FORT/Colibri). Preview    
72014   261     72014 Self-propelled GUN SU-85 This is the Eastern Express kit. Preview Augusto Versiani  
72015           URAL 4320 Soviet Army Truck Based on Modelism BM-21, but with new cargo bed. Preview    
72017           BM-21 "Grad" Rocket launcher on Ural 4320 truck        
  013?       72010 Studebaker US-6 Army Truck     Stephen Brezinski  
    260       Ford Tfc RPM kit   Al Magnus  

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
R7201 ZIS-42M Halftrack        
R7202 Ba-11 Armored Car        
R7203 ZIS-5V w/37mm AA Gun Plastic Zis-5 truck kit, with resin parts for AA gun.      
R7204 ZIS-42 w/37mm AA Gun Plastic Zis-5 truck kit, with resin parts for half-track assembly and AA gun. Preview    
R7205 Komintern Artillery Tractor Poor kit, but it's the only one available in this scale. Preview 1
Preview 2
R7206 ZIS-16S Ambulance   Preview    
R7207 ZIS-5V w/AA Search Light Plastic Zis-5 truck kit, with resin parts for searchlight.      
R7208 Egyptian 122mm on T-34 Chassis Plastic T-34/85 with a resin turret. The resin parts are not as bad as the Komintern tractor kit, but they do not match the photo on the boxtop (which depicts a 1/35th kit). Preview    
R7209 NT-34/85 w/PT-34 Mine Roller Plastic T-34/85 with a resin PT-34 mine-roller. Preview   Doug Chaltry
R7210 B-4 203mm Howitzer        
R7211 Gaz-98 Aero Sled        
R7212 Voroshilovets Heavy Artillery Tractor Mediocre kit, but it's the only one available in this scale. Preview 1
Preview 2
R7213 STZ-5 Artillery Tractor w/BM-13 Katiusha        
R7214 STZ-5 Artillery Tractor        
R7216 Ba-11D Armored Car   Preview    
R7218 Ba-6 Armored Car        
R7219 Soviet ZIS-5 Truck (Steel Cab)        
R7220 Soviet ZIS-5.V Truck (Wooden Cab)        
R7221 Soviet ZIS-6 Truck (4x6, Steel Cab)        
R7222 B-2 152mm Howitzer        
R7223 Soviet Komintern & 203 mm Heavy Howitzer B4        
R7225 PG-117 Army Sea Glider with Zis-5V Truck     Erwin Bovyn  
R7226 T-70 Light Tank Much better than other AER resin kits. Still not quite as high quality as other brands, but should build into a fairly decent model. Preview    
R7227 Zis-5 Truck w/76mm Gun   Preview    
R7228 SU-76M Box has the same kit number as found on the Zis-5 truck (7227). Preview    
R7229 Soviet N-1 "Odessa" Tank Tractor (STZ-5 Terror Tank)        
R7230 NKL-26 Aero Sled        
R7231 WW II Machinegun Cart        
R7232 BM-8-24 Katiusha on T-60        
R7233 JA-12 Artillery Tractor        
R7234 WW II Soviet Gun Boat        
R7235 Soviet ML20 152mm Howitzer   Preview    
R7236 T-20 Komsomolets w/45mm A/T gun        
R7237 Zis-30 SPG        
R7238 Soviet BS-3 100mm field gun        
R7239 STZ tractor w/122mm Howitzer        
R7240 BA-27 Soviet Armored Car        
R7241 Egyptian 100mm SPG   Preview    
R7242 T-40        
R7243 T-40 w/BM-8-24        
R7244 GAZ-61 Soviet 4x4        
R7245 FAI-M Soviet Armored Car        
R7246 TACAM T-60 Romanian SPG.      
R7247 T-60        
R7248 GAZ-66 Post-war Soviet truck.      
R7249 WW II Soviet Aero-Glider        
R7250 Soviet 75mm 52-K m.1939 AA gun  


R7251 German Alkett Minenraumer German anti-mine tank.      
R7252 Soviet T-18 Light Tank Comes with an AM-600 motorcycle.      
R7253 Soviet 57 mm SPG on ZIS-41 armoured Half-Track        
R7254 German 88 mm Pak 43 Slf. auf Waffenträger Ardelt        
R7255 KhTZ-16 "Na Ispug" STZ-3 Tank Tractor with 45 mm AT-Gun        
R7256 Soviet 76.2 mm L/26 Putilov Gun M.1902/30 with Fordson-Putilovets Tractor M.1924        
R7257 Soviet 76.2 mm Putilov Gun (1902/30) on Anti-Aircraft Mounting        
R7258 Soviet Voroshilovets Heavy Tractor with 85 mm AA-Gun M.1938   Preview    
R7259 Soviet ZIS-110.B Limousine (1946)        
R7260 US Light Seal Support Craft LSSC (1969)        
R7261 Soviet AT-8 Heavy Artillery Halftrack        
R7262 Soviet AT-45 Heavy Artillery Tractor   Preview    
R7263 Soviet Glider A-40 KT Winged Tank (T-60)        
R72102 ZIS-42M Halftrack Same as R7201      
R72105 NT-34/85 w/PT-34 Mine Roller Same as R7209      

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Kit list last updated: 14 January 2014