GAZ-67 Soviet Staff Car

Manufacturers: Kit: Colibri (Fort) (Kit #72001)

I really like the looks of this simple little kit. There certainly are a large number of parts for such a small vehicle. Everything looks to be quite well detailed. There is a small amount of flash, but nothing that can't easily be dealt with. The undercarraige looks as though it could have used a little more detail, but all things considered, this looks like it will build into a very nice model. There are no clear parts for the windshield.

This instructions are well laid out, with a good five view drawing on the back. There are no decals included with the kit, and no markings are indicated on the drawings. With the exception of the occasional air-identification band on the vehicle's hood (bonnet), I don't believe that these cars carried much in the way of markings anyway.

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