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Produced in Belarus. They seem to have had an association with PST at one time with a few kits having both the Zebrano and PST logos on the packaging. They also make figures.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 Quadruple Maxim Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun 4M Collaboration with UM Preview    
72002 GAZ-AAA with DShK AA Machine Gun Collaboration with UM      
72003 GAZ-AAA RSB-F Collaboration with UM      
72004 KV-6     Henk Timmerman  
72005 KV-7        
72006 Soviet Military Truck YaG-10        
72007 GAZ-64 Soviet Light 4x4 Vehicle        
72009 KV-1 Heavy Tank Pilot #1        
72011 T-54 m.1948 Soviet medium tank        
72011B same kit as 72011 but with metall DShKM gun        
72015 KV-3 Heavy tank. Conversion kit (turret & barrel)        
72015KV-3 turret conversion setfor PST/Trumpeter kits
72016 SU-152 (KV-14) Soviet Heavy SPG        
72017 Soviet AA Self-Propelled Gun 29-K        
72018 Red Army Staff Car Preview
72020 SA-2/T-55 Cuban AA Missile System        
72021 SA-3 Pechora/T-55 Cuban AA Missile System        
72024 GAZ-67/M-8 Katyusha plastic kit with resin parts      
72025 Zis 5 with DShK 38 MG        
72026 ZiS-6 Truck with Quadriple Maxim MG 4M plastic kit with resin parts      
7202876mm mountain gun M.1938
7203445mm AT gun M.1941
72032 KV-2 (MT-1) Heavy Tank conversion kit        
72039Soviet BRDM-1 Armored Reconnaissance Car
72102 ZIS-5 Truck        


BT-4  Collaboration with UM    


72106 ZiS-44 Ambulance        
72107 ZiS-22M halftrack        
72109Ford model A
72112GAZ-AA "Polutorka"
72117GAZ-4 First Russian pickup truck
SEA001 RV-1 Pilot #1        
SEA002 KV-6 plastic kit with resin parts      
SEA003 KV-7 plastic kit with resin parts      
SEA004 KV-3 Soviet Heavy Tank        
SEA005 KV-1K Rocket Heavy Tank        
SEA006 PT-76 with S-60 Automatic Gun plastic kit with resin parts      
SEA009 KV-1S/152 Heavy Tank plastic kit with resin parts      
SEA012 BT-7A Artillery Tank with L-11 Gun        
SEA014 BT-7A Artillery Tank with F-32 Gun        
SEA015 KV-2 Pilot model        
SEA023 Object 212 Heavy SPG plastic kit with resin parts    
SEA025 KV-5 Super Heavy Tank plastic kit with resin parts
SEA026BT-7 Light Tank Pilot #1
SEA027BT-7 Light Tank Pilot #2
SEA028Soviet Light SPG SU-1
SEA031Tsar Tank (Lebedenko tank)
SE0101GAZ-A Rallye Participant No.21
SE0102AMO-3 Rallye Participant No.19

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72008 Quadriple Machine Gun 4M Gun crew 4 figures      
72009 AA DShK Gun Crew        
72010 Soviet Tank Crew, Winter 1942 4 figures      
72027Soviet tank crew (postwar)
7202972-K AA Gun crew

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Kit list last updated 27 February 2021