Red Army Staff Car

Kit #: 72018 Preview by Simon Ashford - simon.jashford(at)btinternet(dot)com

Despite the very bland title of the kit, it is actually a GAZ-A, a license built Ford Model A.

The kit comes in the conventional Zebrano cardboard box, containing a plastic bag which in turn contains 2 neutral grey plastic sprues (A & B), the instruction sheet and a smaller bag with the decals, PE fret and clear plastic sprue.

The moulded parts are mostly clean, but with some limited flash, but this should present no real problem for any experienced modeller. The body of the car comes in 2 parts and I do envisage some issues fitting these together so as to avoid a join line, but again anticipate that experience will overcome such problems.

The PE has some very fine detail, including spokes for the wheels. Personally I find superglue problematic and this solution to the spokes problem terrifies me: but stretched sprue or fine rod should suffice as an alternative. The instructions are conventional, in Russian & English, and appear generally comprehensive. Within them are painting instructions, somewhat unusually, as a written description.

The decals are very extensive, but with virtually no direction as to placement!

I have limited references for this vehicle, so make no comment as to scale accuracy.

I do like having a basic, humble support vehicle, essentially a soviet, 30s jeep, to place alongside other models. It should also work well in its own right.

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Article Last Updated: 01 April 2017