Kit #: 72104   Preview by Alexander Kolbasov - nebelwerfer54(at)ya(dot)ru
Edited by Marc MERCIER

This is one more prototype tank from Zebrano. In fact, only 3 units were produced.

Concerning this kit from Zebrano we can be very short. Inside the box you'll find a simple mix of two classic UM kits: UM-301 “BT-5” (minus the turret) with photo etched parts and UM-316 “T-26 Twin Turret” (containing only the turrets and part of upper hull). These kits are well known, so nothing more about them……

BUT!!! The BT-4 was developed from the BT-2, not the BT-5! The main and obvious difference between these two types lies in the wheels. Conclusion: this simple mix by Zebrano is incorrect.

For modelers who would like to have a correct BT-4, it's a good idea to make 2 models from 2 two standard UM kits following this modelers mathematics:
(UM-316 turrets) + (UM-302 body) = BT-4
(UM-302 turret) + (UM-316 body) = T-26 , same as UM-361 kit.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 07 September 2014