Object 212

Heavy SPG

Kit #: SEA 023   Preview by Alexander Kolbasov - nebelwerfer54(at)ya(dot)ru
Edited by Marc MERCIER

The "Object 212" Zebrano kit is a mixed set with PST plastic parts and additional resin and metal parts inside the box. As we understand, the Father of Object 212 belongs to the “KV series” using the hull of a KV-220, but with the engine in the middle and the driving sprocket at the front. Only one object was ever built, but it was never completed. Then the war begun and the SPG was disassembled for spare parts for the KVs, because the factory evacuation had started.

So inside the box you will find the classic PST KV sprues with tracks, upper hull, lower hull etc. If you have already done a KV from PST, you know this set. Nothing more to talk about.

The additional resin parts include the upper hull, two new side hulls, some additional wheels, handrails, the gun mantlet, the gun travel lock system and an extension for the bottom.

The upper hull is a one piece affair. Since no real model survived the war, we can only compare this part with some drawings or the World of Tanks 3D model.

Actually right now, this model is a bit of a "Paper Panzer" and I don't think it is necessary to find the correct dimensions for the upper hull.

The new side hulls, casted as a one part with the suspension already onto it, have been modified from the PST KV-220. The reworking includes the relocation of the wheel axle arms. Actually, the side hull has been symmetrically turned from left to right. When putting the driving sprocket at the front, the wheel axle arms and its motion limiters were also turned. Finally, one support wheel mount was added.

The resin wheels are copies of the plastic wheels from the same kit. They are needed to get a full set of wheels, because a standard PST KV set has only 6 pairs of wheels on each side, whereas the Object 212 is equipped with 7 pairs.

It is are not necessary to describe the other parts, just look at the image.

What makes me happy in this kit is the beautiful metal barrel.
A good step forward by Zebrano!


I’d like to say that the surfaces of the resin part are not smoothly casted. It would be a good idea to cover this roughness with some weathering and aging.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 11 September 2014