Quadruple Maxim Anti-Aircraft Machine-Gun 4M

Kit #: 72001 Preview by Jolyon Ralph - jolyon(at)mindat(dot)org

Kit contains the Unimodel Gaz-AAA truck. Sprues are:

  • UM317E with some parts cut off
  • UM317B/UM320C (labelled with both numbers on the sprue)
  • UM317D
  • UM320A (2 sprues)
  • a sheet of clear plastic with marked windows
  • 12 soft-plastic ("vinyl") tyres with delicate tread pattern

The gun assembly is in resin, and contains multiple parts, includng some very delicately reproduced Maxim machine guns. The delicate parts provided are packed in a Zebrano match-box for safety. Although I haven't compared the parts with references, they look very good indeed.

The instructions suggest Model Hobby Number 8 2009 as a reference for finishing this kit to the best. The sheet is in two parts, one for building the Gaz AAA truck and the second for the gun assembly. The first sheet is labelled 72001/72002 so we can expect another Gaz AAA derived vehicle as kit 72002.

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Article Last Updated: 02 February 2010