Self Propelled Gun SU-122P

Kit # 387 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Picture from Henk of Holland website, used with permisison.

The SU-122P (not be confused with the SU-122) was similar to the SU-100, but armed with a 122 mm D-25S tank gun. The vehicle appeared late in 1944, but wasn't taken into production.
The boxtop above also shows a vehicle in the background, which I believe is a SU-122M, and which was also based on the SU-100. The latter vehicle is not mentioned in the instructions, although it appears to me that it can be built using one of the spare guns (part 3) and the spare gun mount (part 179). UM might have given this as a construction option, as they don't have the SU-122M in their catalogue, and thus have no use for this part.

Above: three of the sprues in this kit.

By now I know I can't thrust the numbers on the sprues. The middle one is marked "UM336E", which would correpond to a T34/76 m1940 with L-11 gun, which I am sure is wide off the mark. The sprue seems to be common to all T-34 based SU's.
The bottom one is labeled "UM334D" (the SU-100), which makes more sense. It is typical for the SU-100 (kit 334) and variants based upon it (like the SU-85M, kit 335).
The top sprue is not marked. I am not quite sure if I have been able to identify all the guns correctly, but it seems you get those for the SU-85M, SU-100, SU-122M, SU-122P (obviously) and T-34/57. The latter kit (UM369) shares this sprue.


Top: sprue in this kit; bottom: sprue from kit 327.

Top: sprue from kit 327; bottom: sprue from kit 251;

The sprue for the lower hull is basically the same in most (all) T-34 based kits from UM, although there are minor differences.
This kit has part of the sprue marked "325" which is the same as in kit 327 and kit 325. It is also very similar to the one in kit 251 (marked as "327"), apart from the hull MG, which has a shield in the former but not in the latter. The bump stops are also slightly different.

Note that, oddly,
- kit 325 has sprue 325;
- kit 327 has sprue 325;
- kit 251 has sprue 327.

Above: the sprues in some of the UM T-34 based kits I have. (Each kit comes with two of these sprues). In order of appearance, they are kit 251, 387 and 327.
As you can see, the layout is basically the same, but there are quite a number of differences if you look closely. This kit comes with rubber-tyred "hole-and-spoke" wheels.

Two rubber "sprues" are included for the tyres and tow cables. While these have the advantage of making it easier to represent a vehicle with burnt-out wheels, I have some misgivings about the concept. Even more so as, reputedly, the rubber will eat into the plastic of the kit. I am not convinced about the tow-cables either.

Above: The regular small, but thick, PE set, included in almost all T-34 (based) kits from UM. Obviously, in this kit the MG protection plate is not for use.
The engine mesh is supposed to be placed on top of the engine deck, which I don't think will look too good.

The decals are the same as in kit 369 "T34/57 with Zis-4M gun".


The manual
The lower hull assembles the way most (all ?) UM T-34 based kits do, with separate tyre rims (which is nice if you trust the rubber) and separate swing arms, which allow for more dynamical poses with little extra effort.

The upper hull is split in two parts: fighting compartment and engine compartment. The driver's hatch can be modeled open, the upper hull hatches can't.
The modeler is instructed to drill out the muzzle with a 1.7mm drill bit (122 scale milimeters).


Painting and markings
A paint-scheme is given on the back of the box (overall green), but no marking options are mentioned, even though decals included. The last page of the manual shows four-view drawings, without any word of explanation.

Bottom picture from Henk of Holland website, used with permisison.


Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 30 November 2012