T-34/85 with D-5T gun

Kit # 327 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Picture from Henk of Holland website, used with permisison.

This kit is typical of the T-34 series that UM offers us these days.

The sprue for the lower hull is the same in most (all?) T-34 based kits from UM, although there are minor differences.
This sprue is marked "325", and in my opinion is the same as in kit 325, and almost the same as in kit 251 (marked as "327"), apart from the hull MG, which has a shield in this kit but not in the latter. The bump stops are also slightly different between kits 251 and this one.

Note that, oddly,
- kit 325 has sprue 325;
- kit 327 has sprue 325;
- kit 251 has sprue 327.

Top: sprue from this kit; bottom: sprue from kit 251;

As you can see, the kit comes with the rounded fenders associated with early T-34/85s.

The sprue for the upper hull.

The lower hull assembles the way most (all ?) UM T-34 based kits do, with separate tyre rims (which is nice if you trust the rubber) and separate swing arms, which allow for more dynamical poses with little extra effort.
I haven't researched the accuracy of the kit in any detail yet, but looking at the manual, I am somewhat surprised that UM asks to fit the sharp hull nose. My references would have me believe this specific variant of the T-34 had the rounded nose. There is no need to wallow in despair however, as the rounded nose is included as well.

Above: the sprues for the wheels and tracks in some of the UM T-34 based kits I have. (Each kit comes with two of these sprues). As you can see, the layout is basically the same, but there are quite a number of differences. This kit comes with rubber-tyred "solid" wheels.

Two rubber "sprues" are included for the tyres and tow cables. While these have the advantage of making it easier to represent a vehicle with burnt-out wheels, I have some misgivings about the concept. Even more so as, reputedly, the rubber will eat into the plastic of the kit. I am not convinced about the tow-cables either.


The turret sprue is marked UM329E, which would correspond to a T-34/76 Model 1941. I know I can't trust these numbers, but I am still surprised, as this is clearly a sprue for a D-5T armed T-34/85.
I've made an elementary assembly of the turret on the right. Note that both hatches can be opened (as can the hull hatch). The turret is very smooth, which is very a-typical. I noticed that it is a
ll too easy to insert gun rotor upside down. The absence of any type of locating pegs for the turret doesn't make assembly any easier.
The plastic is quite soft; those who like to use MEK in liberal quantities risk ruining some of the smaller details.


The regular small, but thick, PE set, included in almost all T-34 (based) kits from UM:

The engine mesh is supposed to be placed on top of the engine deck, which I don't think will look too good.



Last three pictures from Henk of Holland website, used with permisison.


You get three marking options:
- 1th Ukranien [sic] front, Spring 1944. Overall green.
- South-Western Front, Winter 1944. Overall white. "Dimitrii Donskoi".
- 1th Mechanized Corps, 1st Byelorussian Front, Spring 1945. Overall green.

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Article Last Updated: 30 November 2012