First to Fight


Kit #: PL1939- 006
Preview by Rob Haelterman

What's in the box?

This kit has been designed as a quick build of the first real recce vehicle that the Wehrmacht fielded and as a consequence some parts are simplified or overly sturdy.
This results in an extreme low number of parts on two tiny sprues. The way the sprues are split makes me believe the Kfz.14 radio vehicle will be released as well one day.

A small decal set with two marking options is provided but no figures.
The box also contains a small, unpractical looking, plastic tube of smelly glue and a toothpick. There was only a small amount of glue in the tube and it didn't really glue much anymore, so I binned it. The toothpick was recovered though.

The instruction sheet is on the back side of the box. Here you'll find a painting scheme with the appropriate Vallejo paints proposed. The instructions consist of four small drawings in the standard exploded-view style with no written instructions; however, it is sufficient for this build.
You also get a 12 page magazine, with some small B&W pictures and an enlargement of the same painting scheme found on the box. The text however is exclusively in Polish, which is a pity.

A comparison with the S-Model Kfz.13 can be found here.

After having finished this comparison, I have to admit that my drive to build the kit soon withered.

Review sample bought by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 21 July 2014