Maschinengewehrkraftwagen (Kfz.13)

Kit # PS720013 vs PL1939- 006 Comparison by Rob Haelterman


In [4] we find the following dimensions.

  Daimler-Benz chassis Adler chassis S-Model
(converted to 1/1)
First to Fight
(converted to 1/1)
Overall Length 4.20m 4.13m 4.19m 4.51m
Overall Width 1.70m 1.65m 1.66m 1.73m

Overall Height

1.46m 1.50m 1.51 (top top of hull) 1.81 (top top of hull)

Wheel Base

1.43m 1.35m 1.50m 1.51m

Axle Spacing

2.81m 2.84m 2.82m 3.02m

As you might have guessed from the measurements above, you can really tell that the First to Fight kit is a much larger vehicle, especially when you put them next to each other. It scales out between 1/72 and 1/68 for most measurements, except for the height, which is a whopping 1/58 ! (It actually comes closer to quarter scale than to braille....)
The S-Model is almost spot on, except for the wheel base (i.e. width), although I am unsure how this was measured in [4].

Add to this that

  • the S-Model kit has a bit more detail on the inside;
  • the S-Model kit has thinner walls of the armored body;
  • the S-Model kit has some finer detail in PE;
  • the S-Model kit costs just a bit less per vehicle - it comes with two kits in a box - than the First to Fight kit using retail prices in Western Europe

then it is clear that the First to Fight kit has little going for it, except that it has one thing that the S-Model kit has not: the boxes on the upper rear hull and the box on the right lower hull (which is not shown in the instructions). Those with a generous allowance could thus use the First to Fight kit as a donor for the S-Model kit.



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[4] Panzer Tracts No.13 Panzerspaehwagen, Armored Cars Sd.Kfz.3 to Sd.Kfz.263, T.L. Jentz, H.L. Doyle



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Article Last Updated: 21 July 2014

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