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Resin kits from Romania. Wespe also produces a line of accessories and a few 1/76th scale kits. Many of these kits have also been released by Art Toys. Recent kit box tops now sport a Wespe/Retrokit moniker, which would seem to indicate that some of the Retrokit molds are now being released by Wespe.

Kits - Resin
The kits listed below are also sold by Wespe as built and painted vehicles
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
WES 72003 German 2.5 ton GS trailer        
WES 72004 MAN F4 6.5 ton Truck   Preview    
WES 72005 KRUPP LD 6.5 ton Truck   Preview    
WES 72006 German Heavy Trailer        
WES 72007 Zis 10 Truck        
WES 72008.1 MAN 4500 S Truck   Preview    
WES 72008.2 MAN 4500 A 4x4 Truck   Preview    
WES 72009 Renault ATH 2.5 ton Radio Car        
WES 72010 Ford Marmon Herrington        
WES 72011 C.M.P. 15cwt "Kubel"        
WES 72012 Stalinetz S-65        
WES 72013 Opel Kadett        
WES 72014 KV-2        
WES 72015 Horch 830bi        
WES 72016 Opel Blitz 3.6 ton        
WES 72017 Opel Kadett Cabrio        
WES 72018 Sd.Kfz.8 DB 10        
WES 72019 Opel Kapitan        
WES 72020 Opel Super 6        
WES 72021 US Truck COE International M425        
WES 72022 Skoda 254b Truck        
WES 72023 FCM 36 (1936)   Preview    
WES 72024 Sd.Kfz. DB9 Flak88        
WES 72025 Sd.Kfz.8 Winter Set Same as kit WES 72024 with additional snow plow blade for halftrack.      
WES 72026 International Trailer For use with 72021.      
WES 72027 Skoda Diesel 706 7 Ton        
WES 72028 Renault B1 Bis        
WES 72030 German 2,5t GS Trailer        
WES 72031 Ford C11        
WES 72032 1938 Mecedes Benz Truck        
WES 72033 1940 Mecedes Benz Truck        
WES 72034 Marmon-Herrington Mk II Armored Car        
WES 72035 Dodge T-202 Command Car        
WES 72036 Steyr RSO Tractor w/FH18 105mm Gun        
WES 72037 Mack 7.5 ton Prime Mover        
WES 72039 Man 4500 Rail Car        
WES 72040 Man 4500 Gas Generator        
WES 72041 Mack NR4        
WES 72042 German Horse drawn Wagons        
WES 72043 40mm Bofors        
WES 72044 Scammel Pioneer        
WES 72045 St.Chamond Railroad Gun        
WES 72046 Morris Breakdown        
WES 72047 Mack Monty's Caravan        
WES 72048 US Dozer "Le Tourneau"   Preview    
WES 72049 Morris 6x4        
WES 72050 CV 35 7.5 MG 8mm 07/12        
WES 72051 Opel Feuerwehr Firetruck        
WES 72052 10 Ton Crane for FAMO        
WES 72053 OPEL Olympia Cabriolet        
WES 72054 Chevrolet Pick-Up        
WES 72055 155mm M1A2 Howitzer        
WES 72056 Kaelble Z6V2A        
WES 72057 Diamond T980        
WES 72058 45 ton M9 Trailer        
WES 72059 Morris C9B with 40mm Bofors        
WES 72060 Diamond T969A Wrecker        
WES 72061 Diamond T968B Cargo        
WES 72062 Diamond T972 Dump Truck        
WES 72063 Diamond T975A Bridge Transporter        
WES 72064 Diamond T975A Machinery, Tool Set        
WES 72065 Leyland Truck        
WES 72066 Leyland Retriever Crane        
WES 72067 Leyland Wrecker        
WES 72068 Leyland Monty's Caravan        
WES 72069 LVT 4 Buffalo with 105mm Howitzer        
WES 72070 Mack NR5 Truck        
WES 72071 Mack LMSW 53 Wrecker        
WES 72072 Scammel R100        
WES 72073 FCM - 105mm HOWITZER        
WES 72074 CV-35 Lanciafiamme        
WES 72075 10.5cm leFH 16 auf FCM(f)        
WES 72076 Faun L900 Crane 10t (rail option included)        
WES 72077 Mercedes Benz Omnibus O 10000        
WES 72078 Magirus S3000/SSM Maultier   Preview    
WES 72079 Dodge WC-64KD Ambulance        
WES 72080 Unimog S404   Preview   Dirk Schenck
WES 72081.1 Kübelwagen KdF 82        
WES 72081.2 Kübelwagen KdF 82 (DAK)        
WES 72082.1 Kübelwagen KdF 82 - Flugfeldwerkstatt        
WES 72082.2 Kübelwagen KdF 82 - Flugfeldwerkstatt (DAK)        
WES 72083.1 Kübelwagen KdF 82 - Sanitätsausfuhrung        
WES 72083.2 Kübelwagen KdF 82 - Sanitätsausfuhrung (DAK)        
WES 72084.1 Kübelwagen KdF 82 - Werkstattanlass       Rob Haelterman
WES 72084.2 Kübelwagen KdF 82 - Werkstattanlass (DAK)        
WES 72085 Sdf.Kfz. 233        
WES 72087M35 A1/A2
WES 72140Lorraine 28-2
WES 72143Automobine de Guerre C.G.V
WES 72145Fordson Thames 7V Tractor
WES 72146Fordson Monty's Map Caravan
WES 72147Flakscheinwerfer 37 - generator
WES 72148Flakscheinwerfer 37 - 150 cm
WES 72149Corbitt 6t, 6x6 Prime Mover
WES 72150Corbitt trailer lOW-bED 20t
WES 72151Skoda 6 ST 6-L
WES R001Panzerjäger 7.5cm / Somua MCG
WES R002M35 A1/A2 6x6 2.5T Truck
WES R003Somua MCG 4/5
WES R004Ambutank VVSS
WES R005Lancia 1ZM
WES R006155MM Schneider 1917
WES R00815in Siege Howitzer
WES R009Somua MCG 4/11
WES R010Ammunition Trailer for 155mm Scheneider
WES R011M149A2C Water Tank Trailer
WES R014AMR 33 Renault VM
WES R015Kasman Meshupar
WES R016Moaz
WES R017Belgian T15
WES R018Schneider CA1 (First)
WES R019Citroen 45
WES R020White-Laffly 50AM
WES R021Schneider CA1 1ST Armoured
WES R022Schneider CA1 2ND Armoured
WES R023Dodge Tanake
WES R024Matilda BEF
WES R025GMC M18 Hellcat
WES R028Romanian R-1 Tankette
WES R029V-C-L Commercial Light Tank Model 1936
WES R030Automitrailleuse White 1915
WES R031V-C-L Commercial Light Tank Model 1934
WES R032V-C-L Commercial Light Tank Model 1937
WES R033Light Tank Mk IIIB Dutchman
WES R034Automitrailleuse Dodge-White
WES R035Knox 35 WWI Tractor
WES R036La Buire Tank Transporter Trailer
WES R037Simca Cinq
WES R038Renault AGC1
WES R039Automitrailleuse Sava
WES R041Berliet VUDB
WES R042Schneider CD
WES R043Automitrailleuse White 1917-18
WES R045White 'Allegee'
WES R046Trailers for Lorraine 37L
WES R047Personal Trailer for Lorraine 38L
WES R048Panch Villa's Armoured Car
WES R049Belgian T13
WES R051M247 Sergeant York
WES R053Pantserwagen DAF M39
WES R05520T Titan Revovery Trailer
WES R057Canon de 16cm Mle 1893
WES R058WD 40 & 45T Poll Wagon
WES R059Wagon TP 40T
WES R060AMR Citroen Kegresse P28
WES R061Canon DE 155 Long de Bange 1877
WES R063Lorraine 28-2
WES R066Char B1
WES R068Soviet T-50
WES R069Automobile de Guerre C.G.V

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
WES 72029.1 Steering wheels Assorted diameters and number of spokes.
Former number DET 72001
WES 72029.2 Jerry cans, barrels, crates, baggage Former number DET 72002      
WES 72038 Closed cabin and rear tarpaulins for FAMO For Trumpeter kit.      
WES R001.1Panzerjäger 7.5cm - metal gun barrel
WES R006.1155MM Schneider 1917 - metal gun barrel
WES R008.115in Siege Howitzer - metal gun barrel
WES R024.1Matilda II - metal gun barrel
WES R025.1GMC M18 Hellcat - metal gun barrel
WES R032.1V-C-L COMM. Light Tank 1937- metal gun barrel
WES R051.1M247 Sergeant York - metal gun barrels
WES R053.1Pantserwagen DAF M39 - metal gun barrel
WES R057.1Canon DE 16cm Mle 1893 - metal gun barrel
WES R061.1Canon DE 155 Long de Bange - metal gun barrel

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Kit list last updated 10 January 2019