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U.S. Dozer "Le Tourneau"

Kit #: WES 72048 Review by Christopher Benjamin - christopherb214(at)msn.com

The Wespe Models "US DOZER LE TOURNEAU" is a Cat RD-4 with a Le Tourneau bulldozer blade. Production began in 1936 of this version. Caterpillar also made D4, 6, 7, and 8 versions.

This resin kit has 46 resin pieces, 10 pieces of approximately 13/64 inch metal rod and two small "spools" of black thread. All of the kit parts are attached to the parts diagram, and are shrink-wrapped to prevent loss or breakage. There are no decals included in this kit.

The sprocket wheels are thinly cast, but the metal rods Wespe would have you use for the levers are much too thick and should be replaced with styrene rod. There is highly detailed engine. There is a little flash on some parts and others have sloppy or mis-matched or mis-cast parts that leave a mold line or un-even surfaces that may need to be sanded or filled with putty.

Resin kits have come a long way in the last two or three years with reguards to the casting blocks. They used to be bulky and difficult to remove. Today, they are easily clipped off and this kit is no exception.

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Article Last Updated: 25 November 2010

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