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Heller has also released a line of 1/72 scale kits which are actually re-boxings of 1/76th Airfix kits. I believe that the following kits are the only true 1/72nd kits that Heller has released.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
71230 GMC CCKW 253 Truck New tool. Same as Airfix kit.  

Stephen Brezinski

Danilo Carli

71234 LCVP Landing Craft
Sherman Tanks
Opel Blitz & Pak 40
Jeep & Trailer
Tiger I
CCKW 353
For some illogical reason Heller has marketed these kits with the same item number.      
79997 Willys Jeep & Trailer

New tool. Same as Airfix.
The jeep is scale wise quite acceptable: Lengthwise he's 1mm too long, wheelbase is spot on, while the width is 0.5 mm under scale. (Marc Mercier)

79995 LCVP Landing Craft Same as Airfix kit no. 01321.     Al Magnus
79874 AMX-13/105 New tool      
79892 M4 Sherman "D-Day" New tool with many options

Preview 1

Preview 2

Danilo Carli  
79894 M4A2 Sherman "Division Leclerc"  

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

Stephen Brezinski @ 172shermans.com  
79898 VAB New tool. Few parts, but highly detailed. Preview Al Magnus  
80192 AMX-13 "Bi-Tubes" AA Vehicle OOP      
80193 AMX-30 "Bi-Tubes" AA Vehicle OOP      
80197 Somua S-35     Augusto Versiani  
AMX-13/105 OOP      
AMX-30 Mediocre kit. The overall shape and dimensions are accurate, but detail is soft and archaic. No tracks are included. Well, there are two pieces of plastic that are supposed to be tracks, but they're not useable. Preview Stephen Brezinski  
0237 Scheuschlepper Rather inaccurate. Kit comes with free bonus Me163B      
Ludovic Bertrand passed me this information: Heller released another series of 1/72nd scale kits under the label of Bobkit in the mid-80's. From what I understand, these kits were accurate in scale, but undetailed. They were aimed primarily at the younger market.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments
  M113 with Saladin Turret  
  TRM 2000 Cargo Truck  

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Kit list last updated 11 May 2015