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Plastic kits and diorama items from England. There was a period in the 1990s where all Airfix's boxes were marked as 1/72 scale even though the vast majority of their military vehicles line kits were actually 1/76 scale scale. (If anybody cares to write reviews of the 1/76 scale scale Airfix kits which can be demonstrated to be close to 1/72, we would be happy to post it here - for example, their Crusader may actually be closer to 1/72 scale than 1/76 scale scale.)

A few Airfix releases were issued in cooperation with Heller of France (when both companies were owned by Humbrol), and these kits are, indeed, 1/72.

Following Hornby's acquisition of Airfix in 2006, scales are accurately listed on the boxes, either as 1/76 scale or 1/72, as appropriate. Some of their new kit releases (as opposed to re-issues of older kits) are in 1/76 scale, while others are in 1/72. Check the box label to be sure!

Kit Number Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
01321 LCVP Landing Craft Same as Heller.     Al Magnus
01322 Willys Jeep Same as Heller.   Al Magnus  
01323 GMC Truck Same as Heller.  

Stephen Brezinski

Danilo Carli

02309 Bristol Bloodhound Kit has been reported as various scales from HO/OO, OO, 1/76 scale to 1/72. The kit was originally released in 1960 as a 1/72 scale kit and actual measurements of the built kit show it to be 1/72 scale. Older releases are kit numbers A1V, A209V, 02309-0 and also released by Airfix Co. of America as kit no. M7-50 and from Tsukuda Hobby as kit no. M01.   Al Magnus  
A02339 Willys British Airborne Jeep incl. trailer & M1 Pack Howitzer     Danilo Carli
A02340 Higgins LCVP New tooling, completely different than kit no. 01321      
A02341Sherman Firefly VcNew tooling
A02342Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger INew tooling
A03311 RAF Vehicles - Tilly, Bedford & BSA M20 Subset of kit A05330.  

 Danilo Carli

 Danilo Carli
(Standard Tilly)

A05330 WWII RAF Bomber Resupply Set Contains:
  • Standard Light Utility Vehicle - Standard 12hp 4x2 'Tilly'
  • Bedford Truck built as either MWC or MWD
  • David Brown VIG1 Tractor/Tug
  • BSA Motorcycle - 500CC
  • Maintenance Tower
  • Bowser - 450 Gallon
  • Bomb Trolley - Type C (x2);
  • Bomb Trolley - Type F
  • Small Bomb Containers (SBC) - with 4lb incendiaries (x6)
  • 1000lb Bombs (x6)
  • 500lb Bombs (x6)
  • 8000lb Cookie
  • 4000lb Cookie
  • Ladder
  • Bicycle
  • Fuel Cans
  • Chocks
  • Oil drum

 Danilo Carli

 Danilo Carli
(Standard Tilly)

 Al Magnus
(David Brown VIG1)

A06304 USAAF Bomber Re-supply Set Contains:
  • Cushman Model 39 Package Car
  • Chevrolet M6 Bomb Service Truck
  • M5 Bomb Trailer
  • Autocar U-7144-T 4x4 Tractor Unit
  • F-1 Fuel Trailer
  • 500 & 1,000 lb. bombs (4 & 2 respectively)
A07002 David Brown VIG1 tractor Comes with free bomb trolley and Short Stirling B.I/B.III. Previously released as 06002 in the 1960's.
This tractor is not the same as that found in the more recent releases A0311 & A05330. The differences are documented at 1/72 Multiverse. - Al Magnus
A12010 USAAF Bomber Re-supply Set packaged with B-17G      
A50157 D-Day The Air Assault Gift Set Amalgamation of 1/76 scale RAF Personnel figures, Hawker Typhoon Ib, BSA 500cc Motorcycle, Standard Light Utility Vehicle, Bedford MWC/MWD Truck & base      
A50156 D-Day The Sea Assault Gift Set Contains A02340 1/72 Higgins LCVP, A02339 1/72 British Airborne Jeep, 1/76 scale US Marines & base      

Kit Number Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
Jungle outpost Injected and vacuformed plastic. 1/76 scale. Sometimes marketed as 1/72 scale.      
Forward command post Injected and vacuformed plastic. 1/76 scale. Sometimes marketed as 1/72 scale.      
Pontoon bridge Injected and vacuformed plastic. 1/76 scale.      
A50156 D-Day Sea Assault diorama - 75th Anniversary set      
A75001 European Ruined Workshop Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75002 European Ruined Cafe Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75003 European Ruined Corner House Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75004 Ruined Country Cottage Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75005 European town house ruin Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75006 European church ruin Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75007 European four storey shop ruin Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75008 European brewery ruin Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75011 Narrow span bridge full span Resin. 1/72.      
A75012 Narrow road bridge broken span Resin. 1/72.      
A75013 Italian House Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75014 Italian Country House Resin. 1/76 scale.      
A75015Polish Bank    
A75016Czech Restaurant    
A75017European City Steps    
A75018 European City Fountain Resin. 1/72 scale.      

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Kit list last updated 14 February 2021