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From China. Out of production. Apparently also offered under the S-Mars label.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
YH 115 Merkava II Poor copy of Esci's Merkava.      
YH 125 Challenger Mk.I Mediocre kit. NOT a copy of the Revell kit, nor a Challenger 2 as box suggests. Poor tracks. Comes with Gulf War side armor. - Rolfscw      
YH 135 Leopard 2A3 Poor kit. Not nearly as good as Hasegawa's or Revell's Leopard 2's. See Leopard Comparison Article. Preview   Doug Chaltry
YH 145 M-60A1 Patton Mediocre kit. Poor road wheels; good engine deck detail. New tool, not the ESCI kit. - Rolfscw Preview    
YH 155 Leclerc Mediocre kit. Detail is very sparse and soft. Decals are worthless. Tracks are very soft vinyl. If you can find one, the ADV/Mini resin Leclerc is far better than this kit. Preview    
YH 165 T-72M1 MBT Apparently a reduced copy of the Dragon 1/35th T-72. Highly detailed. Excellent road wheels. - Rolfscw      
YH 175 Type 90 Japanese MBT Never released?      
YH 185 T-80U Not too bad of a kit. The details are soft, and some are overscale. The tracks are very poor vinyl. But some hull details are more accurate than the Revell T-80's. Preview    
YH 195 Type 90-II Chinese MBT Never released?      
YH 205 M1A2 Abrams Copy of Hasegawa M1 Abrams with a new thermal gunsight. Worthless tracks and decals. Completely inaccurate as an A2 version. See Abrams Comparison Article.     Doug Chaltry
  M1A1 Abrams with Mine plow Only released under S-Mars label ?      
S-145 US Marine M60A1 with reactive armor Appears to be only released under S-Mars label.
This is the Galaxy kit no. 145, and has no reactive armor nor decals.-
Victor Peña

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