Galaxy Kit # 155

by Gaby Lezen - gabylezen(at)

Reference Article in the Web: "Missing Lynx" site: Matthew Malogorski Superdetailing the GIAT "LeClerc" Main Battle Tank.

My Own Comparisions (quick comparisons with a walkaround obtained from the web. Address forgotten):

- Track has no resemblance to the correct item (seems like a T-62 Esci copy in rubber). Maybe Leopard II tracks can be used?

- External fuel tank arms oversimplified.

- Lack of rear turret detail (bustle, box, etc.) as per photos. Only two cylinders (?) shown. (no photo reference)

- Lower rear hull lacks handles, etc.

- Hull sides lack different panel definition (can be scribed) plus ventilator (?) grilles in rear right side part (not in left side in real vehicle).

- Crew turret hatches lack periscopes details.

- Integrated smoke mortar in turret only depicted by holes, lack detail.

- No return rollers at all (but are mainly covered by side skirts).

- Drive sprocket simplified, but again covered by side skirt mostly.

- Lack of driver's periscopes.

- Cannon has reasonable shape (luckily, after seeing the horrible Merkava's one !!)

- Lack of sensors & antenas in turret.

- Lack of bolts around whole body and turret.

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