Braille Strike
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From Belgium.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 M5A1 Stuart in Europe        
72002 M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo  
72003 M3A3 Liberation of Paris  
72004 M4A1 Sherman French 2nd Armored Division (1)  
72006 M4A3 76mm French 2nd Armored Division  
72007 M7 Priest French 2nd Armored Division  
72009 Tank Destroyers in NW Europe      
72010 15th Tank Battalion      
72011 Fury Shermans  
72016 M8 and M20 French  
72017 M4 Sherman 66th Armored Regiment  
72018 Sherman D-Day  
72019 M4 Composite Pacific      
72020 M3A3 French  
72025 US Halftracks in NW Europe  
72027 French 2nd Armored Division Jeeps  
72028 M4A1 76mm French  
72030 M4 105mm French  
72032 First in Paris  
M4A3E8 6th Armored        
M4A2 Tarawa        
M5A1 Stuart 6th Armored        
72037 M4A3 75 and 105mm 6th Armored        

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Kit list last updated: 03 December 2017