Captured German Vehicles

Kit #: 72072 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This set covers the following vehicles:

  • Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad, Military Police, France, 1944.
  • VW Kübelwagen, 12th Armored Division, 119th Engineer, Germany, 1945.
  • VW Kübelwagen, Yank Magazine Correspondents, Paris, France, 1944.
  • Opel Blitz, Unknown Unit, Germany, 1945.
  • RSO, 11th Armored Division, 12nd Armored Infantry Battalion, Germany, 1945.

Modelers should be aware that the drawings used in the instructions are only meant as a help for placing the decals, and not for the specific features of the vehicles. The instructions ask you to "consult the sources", but none are given. After some research, I believe these are the actual vehicles:

Looking at the decals themselves, it is immediately clear that they are printed to a very high resolution, with no visible trace of pixelation; even the smaller items are still readable. The only thing that gives them away as not being printed by the big decal companies is that they are printed on continuous film. Being laserjet printed, it is also wise to protect them before weathering starts on the model.
Something very peculiar to Braille Strike's recent series of decals is that the colors are printed first and the white at the end. This means that you have to flip the multi-color decals over when putting them on the vehicle.
On Braille Strike's website and on the instructions we can read "WARNING: Color decals are printed in mirror, please flip them over when applying on the model.", which might be confusing as they don't apply to the white-only decals (there are no color decals in this set). Fortunately, the markings are readable, so you can tell which way they should go, while for the stars, it doesn't really matter.

My scanner always has trouble scanning white decals on a blue background, that's why the image from the Braille Strike website has been included on the right.



Braille Scale continues to expand its series of high quality decals.
The decals seem accurate, based on my own research.
Extra research is indeed needed, as some features in the instructions are not representative (like the Panzerfauste on the Kettenkrad, or the cabin on the RSO), while references are lacking.
(Note that very few decal companies actually give references, so I am probably a bit harsh, but I believe this would boost these sets to a higher level still.)


Review sample kindly provided by Braille Strike.

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26 April 2020

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