2022 IPMS USA Nationals Report

Article by - Al Magnus

2022 IPMS USA Nationals Report


The venue for the 2022 edition of the IPMS USA National Convention returned to Omaha for the fourth time. The venue, the La Vista Hotel & Conference Center, was the same as in 2011 and 2017, and the event was hosted again by the IPMS Omaha IPMS Ft. Crook chapter. Convention duration was the usual four days, running from Wednesday, July 27 'til Saturday, July 30.

At previous Nats, I hosted an informal "chew the fat" braille armour modellers' get together. At the time the call for 2022 presenters arrived in my email inbox, Covid measures and border restrictions were still somewhat up in the air. Should I say yes and take the chance that something would prevent my attendance and thus result my having to cancel, or should I just do an impromptu meeting and take my chances that someone might actually attend? Well, after some thought, I decided on the latter option. The end result was a rather sparse meeting of just six enthusiasts, but as events proved later, we were a mini power group, walking away with 13 small scale armour related trophies. With fingers crossed that Covid will be well behind us in the rear view mirror for my next anticipated Nats attendance in 2024, I plan to revive the Braille Armour get together with the hope that attendance will return to pre-pandemic levels.

Outside of meeting up with like minded modellers, a high point was Will Alcott bringing along some samples of his 3D printing, and I must say what he's produced up 'til now is very impressive. Will also provided some tips on the finer points of the 3D printing business.

As for the vendor rooms, they were filled with almost anything you'd want except for small scale armour, though with that said, the CMK group did have a large selection of their resin items. Making a big splash was 3D specialist Vargas Scale Models. Their booth was very busy and product sold out quickly. I was told they'd brought over 200 1/72 scale armour kits, and they were gone within hours of the room opening. I purchased a few of their kits, with mixed results. Some were decent such as the Burstyn Motorgeschütz (previewed here), while a few were not the best, such as the Ford Chase (previewed here) and the Holt Gas-Electric Tank (previewed here).

I haven't yet found official counts for the contest. Rumours state there were close to 3,000 entries submitted by approx. 900 contestants. This would make 2022 the third largest in Nats history. Builders came from (these are the countries of which I know and I've probably missed a few): USA, Canada, Australia, U.K., Tahiti, and Argentina.

The Braille Gang

(left to right) Will Alcott, Al Magnus, Ed St. Denis, Alan Boyd, Dana Smith, Dave Flitton

Contest Results - Dedicated Small Scale Armor categories plus others that had Small Scale Armour placers (taken from IPMS USA website).

218A. 1/72 Fully Tracked; through Korea - Allied
   1st - M36 GMC - Philip Hui, Milton, Georgia
   2nd - British Mk.I Male Tank - Roland Teubert, Edgerton, Wisconsin
   3rd - FT-17 - Tom Gaston, Ringgold, Georgia

218B. 1/72 Fully Tracked; through Korea - Axis
   1st - Hummel SPG - Alan Boyd, Denton, Texas
   2nd - German Munition Schlepper - Clinton Mills, Virginia Beach, Virginia
   3rd - 731e Bren - Gary Majchrzak, Lake City, Minnesota

218C. 1/72 Fully Tracked; through Korea - Other
   1st - Swedish Stridsvagn m/41 - Edward St. Denis, Rochester, Minnesota
   2nd - Nahuel DL-43 Tank - Jose Crespo, Neuquen, Argentina

219. 1/72 Fully Tracked; post Korea
   1st - M113A1 FSV - Will Alcott, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
   2nd - Chieftain Mk.II - Edward St. Denis, Rochester, Minnesota
   3rd - British Challenger Mk.I - Edwin Martin, Las Vegas, Nevada

220. 1/72 Armored Cars and Halftracks
   1st - M15 'Special' GMC with 40mm Bofors - Philip Hui, Milton, Georgia
   2nd - sWS with Flakveirling-38 - Alan Boyd, Denton, Texas
   3rd - C15TA Armoured Truck - Will Alcott, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

221. 1/72 Soft-skinned Vehicles
   1st - Nebo RLM-M Radar - Chris Derks, Alexandria, Virginia
   2nd - Vomag 7 with 88mm FlaK - Alan Boyd, Denton, Texas
   3rd - LRDG Chevy Truck - William Ellis, Albany, New York

228. Conversions and Scratch-built
   1st - British Type-B Armoured Lorry - Michael Tsoumpas, Sun City West, Arizona 
   2nd - 10.5cm leFH-16 auf Geschutzwagen - Ben Guenther, Grinnell, Iowa
   3rd - M47 Patton - Philip Hui, Milton, Georgia

235. Multi- or Towed Vehicles
   1st - M3 75mm GMC with M10 Ammo Trailer - Philip Hui, Milton, Georgia
   2nd - RSO with Nebelwerfer - Gary McDowell, South Charleston, West Virginia
   3rd - Dragon Wagon / Landwasserschlepper - Ian Dow, Livonia, Michigan
296. Basic Kit Build; 1/72 AFVs, Open- and Closed-top
   1st - Syrian War T-72 BM with Kontact-1 - Eldon Flitton, Lehi, Utah
   2nd - Leopard 2A5 - Philip Hui, Milton, Georgia
   3rd - Polish FT-17 - Timothy Burke, Scotia, New York

297. Basic Kit Build; 1/72 Armored Cars, Halftracks, and Soft-skinned Vehicles
   1st - Camion Blindado 4x2 No.2 - Dana Smith, Weaverville, North Carolina
   2nd - Austin Series-III Armoured Car - Allan Magnus, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
   3rd - SdKfz-231 8-wheel Armored Car - Tom Moon, Spring, Texas

418. Boats, Speedboats, Motor Torpedo or Patrol Boats
   1st - PT-187 - Bob Steinbrunn, Phelps, Wisconsin
   2nd - leichtes Pionier-Sturmboot 39 - Allan Magnus, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
   3rd - Robert Lee - Brian Staples, Rustburg, Virginia

580. Automotive Technology and Culture
   1st - Beach Buggy - Robert Jutson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
   2nd - M274 "Civi-Mule" - Allan Magnus, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
   3rd - Dodge 426 Hemi Engine - Jeff Barnett, Madison, Wisconsin

724. Dioramas, Armor; 1/49 and smaller
   1st - "La Vie En Rose" - Randy Pavatte, Houston, Texas
   2nd - Dragon Wagon Recovery - Alan Boyd, Denton, Texas
   3rd - "Me Moove? No, You Moove" - Matthew Bittner, Lakewood, Ohio

820. Hypothetical; Kit-based (spurious markings on standard kit)
   1st - Focke-Wulf Triebflugel - Barry Numerick, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
   2nd - C-9G Tante Ju II - Kirk Ballash, Eastlake, Ohio
   3rd - E-100 - Mark Walcott, Snyder, Oklahoma

830. Triathlon
   1st - Pomilio PE, 1918; Italian Alpino, 1916; KuK Kregsmarine U-14, 1917 - Steven Foster, Norman, Oklahoma
   2nd - USS Nebraska, BB-14; Fokker Dr.I; 15cm sFH-18 - Alan Boyd, Denton, Texas
   3rd - Fokker E.1, Immelman figure, Panzer-IV - Dennis Davison, Longmont, Colorado

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Article Last Updated: 06 November 2022