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Ford Chase

Kit #: R3D-72-058 Preview by - Al Magnus

All I know about this vehicle comes from the sole reference below. Basically this model represents a 1917 Ford Model T with a Chase Track System installed. It was tested in 1921 but was not adopted.

Vargas Scale Models is one of the many new players in the 3D printed scale modeling community. This is one of six kits I purchased at the 2022 IPMS USA Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska at the Vargas booth in the vendor room. The Ford Chase model quickly grabbed my eye and I added it to my growing stack immediately. I inspected a couple of the kits before my purchase, but this was not one of them.

Below are a few photos of what you get in the box - an overall well printed single piece item. The printing layers are very fine and should be easy to sand out. Detail is incredible in places, such as the handles all being hollow, a complete undercarriage and even air valve stems on the rims. My sample has a major crack in the seatback, possibly caused by this kit being scaled down from their 1/35 scale offering, resulting in an extremely thin and fragile seat structure for 1/72 scale. Also, note that the box top photo of the real vehicle shows it with a windscreen, which is not included.


I'm somewhat disappointed with this kit. The flaw in the seat is most vexing and looks to be a major repair job. A modelling buddy also purchased one of these at the same time. After seeing my kit, we opened his, and it does not have this flaw. Vargas didn't have any more available when I returned to get another, so I headed home with my bad kit and contacted Vargas later for a replacement. I received an immediate reply that they'd reprint one and asked for my mailing address, but, as of this writing, some 6 weeks following my original request I've not yet heard anything further from Vargas. I have no idea whether or not I'll ever get a replacement. Poor quality control and customer service. All I suggest is, don't buy any Vargas kits online because, if it is seriously flawed, you will most likely not get a replacement. Only buy when you can inspect the contents prior to purchase.


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Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 18 October 2022