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Kit # 72002 & 72005 Review by Danilo Carli - 172normandyafv(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Set 72002 to the left; 72005 to the right

10.50x20 wheels were used by British 3 ton lorries and field artillery tractors.
Currently, there are few British trucks or lorries in 1/72 plastic kits. Only IBG has the Bedford QL's and the CMP's in its range. About the FAT's, we only had the old ESCI/Italeri CMP FGT cab12, until the recent Plastic Soldiers CMP CGT cab13 and Morris Quad. In my opinion, the kit which has the better depicted wheels is the Italeri one, but the other kits’ wheels are not well reproduced regarding dimension or tread or rim.
During my modelling research, I was contacted by a modeller, now a pen friend, who had the same problems as me with the British lorries wheels and I sent him some info and consideration about his project to make them in resin. After some time he kindly sent me the results of the job of his team, two 10.50x20 wheel resin sets. (I also had the surprise to see my name on the label; thank you guys!).
Two tire patterns are given, the normal tread and the wave pattern tread. Both are nicely sculpted and are bubble free. The sets differ also by the rims, which are made as separated pieces. These are the parts which differentiate the trucks on which the wheels could be mounted. Five wheels per set are given. The details are very nice and also bolt heads are depicted. The spare wheel rim has the bolt holes opened. 10.50x20 means that the rim inner diameter (that is not counting the raised edge which keeps the tire) was 20" and the tire section diameter (supposing it was a circle) was 10.50". Dimensions are well respected on my calliper.
The overall diameter is 15.1 mm (15.3 mm). The tire width is 4.2 mm (4.3 mm). The rim diameter is 7.4 mm on the raised edge which look correct (inner diameter should be 7.05 mm).
These wheels can be used on the kit lorries as well as on other types which can be made by home made conversion. The list is printed on the back of the label.
I know, one can think this time I'm not super partes, but I'm not involved in the production of them and the wheels are objectively very well done.

Set 72002


Set 72005



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Article Last Updated: 28 March 2020