Viribus Unitis
website: email: viribus(dot)uniti(dot)cro(at)gmail(dot)com
From Croatia.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
VU-72001 Same as 72002 with vawe [sic] pattern tyres        
VU-72002 Wheels & rims 10,50x20"   Preview     
VU-72003 10,50x20" wheels & rims w. rear rims of 'inside-out' type        
VU-72004 Same as 72003 with US type pattern tyres        
VU-72005 10,50x20" wheels & rims - rims without hubs   Preview     
VU-72006 Same as 72005 with US type pattern tyres        
VU-72007 7,50x20" wheels for GMC CCLW-353 trucks        

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Kit list last updated 23 March 2020