12.8cm Sf.L/61 (Pz.Sf.V)
"Sturer Emil"

Kit #: 07210 Preview by Rob Haelterman and Timothy Lau


For the detailed history of the two Sturer Emils, Irefer to Timothy Lau's research article.


Kit Parts

You get four sprues

  • Two identical ones with the wheels and (strangely) half of the idler and drive sprocket. Detail is nice enough.
  • Two sprues with various bits. Quality of the parts is good and the gun is hollowed out at its business end. An interior is given, which (compared to the available reference material) seems convincing enough, even though Timothy Lau points out that some of the boxes are wrong. A nice feature, in my opinion, are the shells that are given as separate pieces. Not only does this allow for more detailed parts, but it also gives the modeler the choice of empty or full ammo racks.
    Given the amount of detail for the fighting compartment, it might be interesting to try and fit the superstructure without glue to be able to display the interior after finishing the model.

The lower hull and fighting compartment come as separate parts.

The tracks are vinyl, and while reasonably nicely detailed, are, well, vinyl. The also have some flash that will be difficult to remove.



The instructions are clear and conventional.

It is with the options that care is needed.
Timothy Lau points out that the instructions propose a mix of features, some of which are marked as "option", without really explaining how to use them. The marked extract of the instructions below clarifies the matter.

  • In blue: the features present while the vehicles were still in Germany, i.e. early lights and fake driver's compartment.
  • In red: the features present while the vehicles were on the Eastern front, i.e. spare tracks, antenna mount and late lights.
  • In light blue: the features present while vehicle 1 was still in Germany, i.e. smoke candle box.
  • In orange: the features present while vehicle 1 was on the Eastern front, i.e. smoke candle box and extra spare tracks.

It should be noted that the actual smoke candle box was more boxy than the one provided in the Trumpeter kit.
One needs to source some jacks from other kits. A jerry can tray and stowage boxes have to be scratched, if required.


Marking options and decals

Timothy Lau points out that the markings are completely wrong.The kill marks should just be vertical lines, while the 3rd company of s.Pz.J.Abt.521 used a yellow shield for its unit marking.

Note that pictures of the real vehicles show a light color on the gun barrel and fighting compartment (which might be a secondary color) and a whitewash in winter.

As I don't have any reliable scale plans of the vehicle I will not comment on its dimensional accuracy.


Upgrade possibilities

  • A metal gun barrel can be found in the catalogue of RB Model.
  • Ammunition for the gun can also be found in the catalogue of RB Model. Shells should be painted yellow with a silver tip.
  • Replacement decals can be found in the in the catalogue of Aleran.



Preview sample purchased by the author.


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Article Last Updated: 23 December 2018