Triumph des Willens


with FlaK 36 37mm
and armoured cab

Kit #: 72002  
Preview by Christopher Benjamin - christopherb214(at)msn(dot)com
Edited by Marc Mercier

This resin cast kit consists of 45 pieces (32 for the truck and 13 for the gun) including a metal screen and one paper clip.
Yes, a paper clip.

The resin is white and shiny, hiding the kits details, much like the resin sold at craft stores. The flash is very thick and really needs to be carved away to remove it properly.

A two page instruction sheet with nicely drawn pictures of the vehicles either drafted or computer drawn. The top sheet is just the manufactures warnings and the "instruction" sheet is just a "put it here" type drawing, though there is an exploded diagram for the 37mm gun.

I had to give the parts a wash of black paint to find the detail and to make it easier to see them in the photos. The detail is there, it's just very shallow and not well done other than the detail on the tires. (Which is shallow and wiped out by the flash.). There is wood grain pattern on the truck bed.

The metal screen for the fold down truck bed sides is thick and the resin sides are nearly useless due to thickness and not being straight. The builder would be better off to scratch build a frame on the screen. The paper clip is to be used to make the drive shafts. Plastic rod would be easier to work with.
The armoured slits in the front of the cab, where the driver and passenger would sit, appear crooked to me. The pour block on the cab part is situated on the bottom. The nose of the truck (engine compartment) is cast separate and here the pour block is on the side that mates with the cab.

My joy when I first got this kit was rapidly overcome by great disappointment. My wallet took a big hit to purchase this kit and it's just not up to par with any resin kit on the market that I own. I started to try to write a build review on this kit, but I just gave up after about 3 hours of carving and sanding, taking notes and washing the kit with black paint.

Not recommended.

Review sample purchased by the author.


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Article Last Updated: 11 May 2013