Triumph des Willens
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Resin kits made in Poland.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
TDW 0911 Flakmesstruppekraftwagen on Bussing-Nag 500A (4x4)        
TDW 1011 Bussing-NAG 4500A with FlaK 37mm and armoured cab   Preview    
TDW 1111 Bussing-NAG 4500A service truck        
TDW 1211 Mercedes Benz 4500A with FlaK 36 3.7mm        
TDW 0412Sd.Kfz. 7/2 w/Armoured cab (conv. for Hasegawa MT18)    
TDW 0512 Bussing NAG Omnibus "Imperator"        
TDW 0812 Bussing-NAG 4500 Trambus        
TDW 0213 Skoda Omnibus        
TDW 0413 Bussing-NAG 350T Aero (1936)        
TDW 0513/3Opel Admiral Cabriolet
TDW 0613 Magirus O 145 Omnibus        
TDW 0613/2Opel Admiral Kubelwagen
TDW 0713Magirus L 145    
TDW 0813Bussing NAG Eilschlepper    
TDW 0913Borgward Typ 3T with field kitchen
TDW 0913/2Ford G917 Radio Direction Finder Truck    
TDW 1013Bussing NAG 500S    
TDW 1013/2Opel Admiral - saloon version    
TDW 1013/3Krupp LD4    
TDW 1113Faun L900D    
TDW 1113/2Opel Admiral - Krankenwagen    
TDW 0114Saurer BT 4500    
TDW 0114/2Bussing NAG 6,5t    
TDW 0214Vomag 4RL Standard    
TDW 0214/2Vomag 4RL Kfz 42    
TDW 0314Mercedes-Benz L10000
TDW 0514Federal 606
TDW 0614Saurer 3CT
TDW 0614/2Mercedes-Benz L10000 Holztransporter/Log Truck
TDW 0714Bussing-NAG 650N Omnibus
TDW 0814Federal 606 with Trailer
TDW 0814/2Ford G917 Omnibus
TDW 0914MB L10000 Schaltpultwagen
TDW 1014Schwerer Generatorsatz
TDW 1214Chevrolet with DAF Kraftstoff trailer
TDW 1214/2Senderswagen
TDW 1214/3Chevrolet with Medical Trailer
TDW 0115Faun L1500 V-2 RLfor Special Armour kit
TDW 0215Faun L1500 D587 Cargo with load
TDW 0415MB LG 3000 Kfz.91
TDW 0415/2MB LG 3000 Radio wagen
TDW 0615Bussing NAG 400T Stabswagen
TDW 0615/2Bianchi Miles Ambulanza
TDW 0815Henschel 33D1
TDW 0915Henschel 33D1 "Pitomnik tanker"
TDW 1015/2MB L3000 Fire Truck
TDW 1215Ford Kubelwagen
TDW 1215/2MB L3000S TLF-15 "Noginsk"
TDW 0116Opel Admiral Cabrio "Rotterdam" (extra detail release)
TDW116/2Hanomag SS100 with trailer
TDW 0216Sd.Kfz.7/6 Flakmesstruppkraftwagen for Revell kit
TDW 0316Sd.Kfz.7/6 Flakmesstruppkraftwagen - var.2 for Revell kit
TDW 0316/2MB 4500A Flakmesstruppkraftwagen Kfz.415
TDW 0916Sd.Kfz.8 DB10 12t
TDW 0117Sd.Kfz.8 DB S7 initial
TDW 0317MB Lo 3750 Omnibus
TDW 0317/2Opel Blitz Reichpost/Radiowagen
TDW 0317/3Opel Blitz Funkwagen
TDW 0417Sd.Kfz.11 HKL
TDW 0417/2Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.B
TDW 0417/2Vomag Wehrmacht Omnibus
TDW 0617/2Sd.Kfz.251/9 Horch
TDW 0717Vomag LKW
TDW 0717/2Saurer BT 4500
TDW 0717/3Mercedes Benz 6500
TDW 0318Bianchi Miles LKW
TDW 0318/2 Bianchi Miles Omnibus
TDW 0718Henschel 33
TDW 0818Henschel 33 Kfz. 343 fire engine
TDW 0918Henschel 33 mit 3,7cm Flak 36
TDW 1018Kromhout Omnibus
TDW 0319Federal 604 tank transporter
TDW 0719Fiat 626 RNL
TDW 0719/2Alfa Romeo 430 "Ambrosini"
TDW 0919Peterbilt 281 with fuel trailer ("Duel" movie truck)
TDW 1119Borgward B3000 LKW    
TDW 1119/2Isobloc Omnibus
TDW 1219Fiat 618 Ordnung Polizei
TDW 1020Krupp Protze Kfz.19 Funkwagen
TDW 1020/2Bussing NAG G-31 Kfz.61
TDW 0421StuH III with zimmeritconversion for Trumpeter kit
TDW 0421/2Morris CDSW mit MG151 Drilling
TDW 0421/3Borgward Stab Omnibus
TDW 0421/4Opel Blitz Dutch City Bus
 MB L3000 Krankenwagen

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
 European building ruin base

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