King Tiger (Porsche) w/Zimmerit

Manufacturer: TP Model (Kit No. 7215)

I feel this set is more useful than the stand-alone Porsche Turret set, because it includes a complete new hull with the turret, both of which are covered with a very well done zimmerit coating. The zimmerit is fine, and in-scale, and I think it will look awesome when painted. This set is meant as a conversion for the old ESCI kit (now Italeri), so to use it on the new Revell Tiger 2 will require some surgery. Again, I feel that the turret could have been sculpted a little more delicately. My only complaint about the hull is the way the engine ventilation grates have been covered. The covering has a mesh pattern imprinted on it, though it is solid. I am not sure how this will look when painted.

Though old, this is a fairly nice set.

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