King Tiger Porsche Turret

Manufacturer: TP Model (Kit No. 7202)

This is an older set from TP Models, and consequently is a little rough in its quality. Based on drawings, the size and shape of the turret and gun are accurate, but the hatches and other details on the turret roof are very thick, and heavy-handed. The resin casting is acceptable, though a few air bubbles will need to be dealt with. The gun barrel is slightly warped.

The usefulness of this turret is marginal, considering that only first two protoype Porsche turrets were produced without zimmerit. So unless you wish to build one of the prototypes, zimmerit will need to be added (and to the hull as well). TP Models also markets a conversion set for a King Tiger with zimmerit.

This is not a bad piece, but I feel that the Modell Trans Porsche turret is the better of the two.

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