Renault ADR1
Kit # SM7210 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Little seems to be found on this French truck, apart from the fact that it is in the 3.5 ton class, and appeared in 1935. I only found three pictures courtesy of Google and a couple more thanks to fellow modelers (especially Ilian Filipov). Most of the pictures come from [1] which appears to be the only reference available. This is particularly annoying as the kit comes without a real manual; only two grainy pictures are provided, which will allow the modeler to identify the location of most parts, however. As for the spare wheel, my info has it that it goes somewhere below the rear of the chassis.

Based on what I find in [1] the kit represents the civilian version, but do not dispair, this one too was pressed into service by the French. Not surprisingly, like all French trucks, it later also appeared on the roster of the Wehrmacht after the fall of France.

This kit comes in a pale resin, which has some flash and the occasional air bubble, but nothing that spoils the detail after some fixing. The resin "carrots" are intelligently positioned and warpage is completely absent. The cargo bed has a nice grain texture.
The tires have a nice thread pattern (except where the carrots are, but some part of it has to touch the ground anyway; unfortunately, for one of the rear wheels there is obviously a flaw in the mold. Some sanding and re-graving will be required there. The hub detail is very nice all over.

As in most kits of this kind, windows are absent, so some clear acetate sheet will be required. An interior is provided (the cabin is hollow), but only the very basics. Some scratchbuilding might be called for, but then you will have to come up with a picture of the interior or use your best guesses.


[1] L'automobile sous l'uniforme 1939-1940, F. Vauvillier, Massin Editeur


Review sample kindly donated by Peter-Paul Przybylka of Modell Trans

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Article Last Updated: 22 November 2009